Saturday, 10 December 2011

Folksy Handmade - Christmas Pt 2.

Magenta and old gold gift bow

The last of my themed Folksy lists that I've got to add an update to, so I've gone to town and updated all the different themes included in this board.

It's now a full board of Christmas decorations by colour and theme, and a great section of wrapping and tags too. There's tons to choose from, so you could get your whole house decorated in one go, and all your pressies wrapped in style here -


Friday, 9 December 2011

Folksy Handmade Gift Ideas - Vintage/Retro / Men Pt 2.

Mosaic Plaque (Dad's shed sign?)

As I had to combine these two gift list boards when I was making them the first time round (due to Pinterest not playing the game that day), I thought I might as well update both lists together. So please have a browse for newly found items for both Vintage/Retro lovers, and Mens gifts.


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Folksy Handmade Gift Ideas - Pets Pt 2.

I Heart Carrots Mosaic Hanging Decoration

Another of my themed gift idea lists from Folksy that I've had another look to see what's new that I can add to it. And I've got some lovely things again.

Take a look, your furry friends will love you for it -


Monday, 5 December 2011

Retro Roses

Retro Roses Mosaic Bird Bath

Retro Roses Mosaic Bird Bath

This is my latest bird bath design, it's called Retro Roses. It's another one that's been inspired by vintage fabric. This time it's 50's style fabric. Pale pink roses, on a jet black background. The spaces are filled with tiny rosebuds, with apple green leaves. The jet black tiles are slightly shiney so they set off the matt pink roses really well.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Folksy Handmade Gift Ideas - Beach Lovers Pt 2.

Coastal Scene Lighthouse Mosaic Mirror

Coastal Scene Lighthouse Mosaic Mirror
This is the second list to be updated with some extra things from Folksy. I decided to do this update as the next one because I was feeling all seaside after finishing my latest mosaic mirror which has a coastal scene on it.

There are so many things to choose from for this list, it was quite difficult to narrow them down, but I think I've got a good selection of items at a range of prices, from a different set of sellers. As before it's items inspired by things you'd find on or around a beach, or made out of things found on or around beach. See what you think -


Thursday, 1 December 2011

Folksy Handmade Gift Ideas - Gardeners Pt 2.

Sunbleached Ripple Mosaic Bird Bath
(Not on the lists, I couldn't fit it in.)

As I had created the original lists about 2 months ago, I've had another look around to see if there was anything else that I could add to them to keep them updated. And there was loads.

I've marked the second lot of items with 'Pin 2', just so you know what's been added. If you know any gardeners that you need gifts for you are spoilt for choice now. You just need to decide which list to pick from -


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mosaic Mushrooms

Turquoise & Green Mosaic Mushroom Garden Ornament

Blue & Grey Mosaic Mushroom Garden Ornament

These mosaic flat cap mushrooms are the latest garden ornaments to be added to my Folksy shop. These would be great for placing into a border, or on a patio, to give you colour. I got the idea when I was making one of my bird baths and the saucer was sitting upside-down next to an upside-down pot.

There two colour options at the moment - shades of Turquoise and Greens, and shades of Blues and Greys. The base 'stalks' are both finished in neutral cream, sand, brown and terracotta.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Folksy Handmade Gift Ideas - Beach Lovers

This is the latest of my gift idea lists of items found on I'm trying to create themed lists that you can use if you have someone you know who fits the theme, rather than just trawling through a random list of Female, or Male gifts (although I have done a couple of random lists in Men and Bootcamp Bounty).

So if you know any Vintage/Retro Lovers, Gardeners , or anyone who loves work (they do exist) and has an Office, or desk, check out their lists. (Don't forget the Christmas Decorations and Wrapping list for yourself.)

Fossil Mosaic Garden Bird Water Bath
Beach Lovers -

This handmade gift idea list isn't for the people who like to just lie on the beach (you'll just have to get them a bottle of sun lotion), this is for anyone who loves all things to do with beaches, and being by the sea.   

I know it might seem like an odd theme to do at this time of year, but if you're a beach lover you love being on the beach any time of year, and you'll love things that remind you of the beach.

This time of year is great for beachcombing, when the rough weather kicks up the treasures of the sea. 

So all the items in this list are either inspired by things you'd find on or around the beach, or they are made out of the things you'd find on or around the beach -


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Folksy Handmade Gift Ideas - Bootcamp Bounty

This was originally just a project for the Folksy Forum and people who are involved in the run-up-to-Xmas bootcamp to help prepare. I made up a Pinterest board of one item from each of the Bootcamp sellers who were involved in the Pinterest thread on the forum.

As it's turned out, the board has a colour theme, and there are some really great items on it, so I've decided to blog about it and add it to my Folksy Handmade Gift Idea series.

Check it out -


Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure Mosaic Garden Bird Water Bath

Hidden Treasure Mosaic Garden Bird Water Bath
The idea for this Hidden Treasure Bird Bath followed on from making my Fossil one. I wanted to make one that showed finding treasure in rocks, like precious metals or gemstones. So this design is representing cracks in rock, and the treasure sparkling through. When the bird bath is full, it'll add to the 'hidden' effect as you get a glimpse of the iridescent stones sparkling underneath the water in between the lines of grey tiles which are like layers of slate.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Folksy Handmade Gift Ideas - Vintage / Retro

I love retro, and vintage, so this was an easy list for me to put together. There's some fab things here, and lots of new shops.

Bit of a mare on Pinterest today, I couldn't set up a new board for this theme. So, I've added it onto the Men's gift idea board. Not a bad thing. It means the Men's gifts get a second wind.

I don't have anything vintage/retro to go on the list, so the pic to go with this blog is my closest look item which is my slate daisy ornament/letter rack, it has a slightly vintage look about it. The items on my gift list have a much more retro/vintage feel.

Have a look and see for yourself -


Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Jurrasic Coast In Your Garden

Fossil Mosaic Garden Bird Water Bath

Fossil Mosaic Garden Bird Water Bath

This Fossil bird bath has a mosaic design of an Ammonite Fossil  at the bottom, and I've surrounded it with grey tiles to respresent the rock it might have been encased in. When the bath is filled with water I think it will look like a rock pool from the Jurrasic Coast. Because the tiles have been cut very thinly they are laying at different heights to each other which gives the surface a slightly undulating effect which adds to the fossil's texture.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Abstract Collection

Purple & Blue Abstract Mosaic Plant Pot

Purple & Blue Abstract Bird Bath Saucer and Pot Base

 I can call it a collection now because I've finished the pot. At 15cm it is the perfect size to use as a base for my Abstract bird bath. But even on it's own its a great way of adding colour to your garden. The colours used are exactly the same as the bird bath, including the ribbed rim which gives instant age.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Folksy Handmade Gift Ideas - Pets

I Love Carrots Mosaic Garden Hanger

For my latest gift idea collection, I thought I'd try and find something for the furry members of the family. I've got a nice selection of items which I think could be used for allsorts of pets, not just cats and dogs. Nothing for goldfish though, unfortunately. But with their memory, they won't remember you didn't get them anything for Christmas anyway.


Thursday, 10 November 2011

I've Gone All Abstract

Purple & Blue Abstract Mosaic Garden Bird Water Bath

Purple & Blue Abstract Mosaic Garden Bird Water Bath

I have been experimenting with pattern and colour combination again, and I've created this Purple & Blue Abstract Mosaic Bird Bath. The colours of this bird bath came from the stone I was using being purple, and the iridescent tile I wanted to use having a purple iridescence on a blue background. So I decided on the colour pallete starting with shades of blue and purple and added turquoises and greys. I had the idea to make the design out of full square tiles, half tile rectangles, and quarter tile squares randomly placed. On the rim the tiles have grooves and the grout has collected in the grooves and gives a really nice effect and an instant aged look.

I am in the process of making a matching pot for this bird bath. So, depending on how they are received it might turn into another ongoing range. Watch this space.

Blue Rim Ripple Mosaic Garden Bird Water Bath

The other bird bath I've listed recently is another version of my Ripple design. This time I've added tiles to the rim of the bath. It's given yet another different feel to this design. It reminds me of a ceramic bowl that's got circles of glaze on it.

I bloomin' love mosaic. You can get so many different styles and feels using one material in different colour palettes, and patterns.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Folksy Handmade Christmas - All Wrapped Up

Red & Old Gold Christmas Gift Bow
Purple & Old Gold Christmas Gift Bow

This is going to be the final addition to my Christmas decoration collections because I'm going to concentrate on doing a few more themed Folksy Gift Ideas in the run up to Christmas. (I've previously blogged about Gardeners, Office, and Men gift ideas.)

So, for my final Christmas decoration theme, I thought I'd do a collection of wrapping, tags and bows, as a neat end. I've got a selection of cards in my other collections, so these are the finishing touch for your pressies.


Friday, 4 November 2011

Folksy Handmade Christmas - White

Wool and Bead Snowflake Christmas Hanging Decoration

Well, mostly white. There's a bit of cream, clear glass, and a tiny bit of red and green. All white would be a bit much, wouldn't it?

Clear seed beads give the effect of ice crystals
I've chosen the white theme to go with my (off-white) Wool and Bead Snowflake Hangers. I was originally trying out wool flower designs to maybe use on a cushion, but this type of looped flower immediately reminded me of stylised snowflakes. I've added some clear seed beads to the centres to give an ice crystal effect, and then strung them onto clear filament to make them look like they were floating. I've beaded both sides of the snowflakes, so they would make great window hanging decorations.

So, here are the rest of the lovely items I've found to give you a guaranteed White Christmas -


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Folksy Handmade Christmas - Traditional

Stained Glass Look Mosaic Baubles

This is the latest in my Christmas decoration collections from I've called the selection traditional. It kind of is because there's robins, candles, holly, an advent calender etc. But, the items are done in a contemporary way too.

There is a really good selection of crafts in this one as well - knitting, patchwork, paper quilling, sewing, modelling, florestry (I think you call working with foliage that too, don't you?), mosaic...  

See what you think -


Monday, 31 October 2011

Vintage Look Beaded Christmas Gift Bows

Hand-woven, old gold, beaded Christmas gift bows

Magenta Beaded Christmas Gift Bow

I've been thinking about making some Christmas gift bows for a while, using the method that I used on my twine Gardener gift bows. But I couldn't think of what material to use that would give me a festive look, but would hold it's shape.Then this weekend, I found the solution. Raffia. And this raffia is a fab shade of old gold that looks like vintage metal. The finished bows remind me of vintage brooches, with a very luxurious look about them.

The centres are made up of wool on the Magenta and Purple versions, and all of the bows have hand sewn metallic beads to finish them off, and give extra sparkle.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Folksy Handmade Christmas - Blue/Green

Peacock Mosaic Christmas Bauble

This is the next set of Christmas decorations from This time they've been picked to go with the colour theme of shades of blues and greens.

There are lots of different items,and price ranges, so take a peek.

Folksy Handmade Christmas - Blues and Greens


Friday, 28 October 2011

Folksy Handmade Christmas - Vibrant

Fiesta Mosaic Christmas Bauble Ornament

This collection of Christmas decorations from is inspired by the colours used in my mosaic Fiesta Christmas bauble. So you'll find magenta, gold, orange, and red in this set of items.

I've decided to add all the Folksy Christmas themed decorations to one board, so you can browse all the themes at once. And you may wish to mix and match items, because there are some really lovely things in all the categories, so it's good to have them all in one place.


Folksy Handmade Christmas - Folk Style

Folk Style Red & White Bauble

As I've been re-inspired to make some more Christmas decorations, I've also been inspired to find other similar themed decorations on to put together on a Pinterest board.

I will be putting 4 boards together, and this is the first one.

This is my collection of decorations ideas for a Swedish folk style Christmas -


Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Mosaic Christmas (Part 3)

Red & White Folk Style Mosaic Bauble
Red & White Folk Style Mosaic Bauble

The final set in my mosaic bauble range are these Red & White Folk Style. Using the same design as I used on my mosaic mirror, I've handpainted tiles with hearts and flowers to form a band around the centre of the ornament. Then the handpainted solid raspberry red tiles are used to fill the rest of the bauble. The mosaic is finished with white grout to keep the red and white look.

This bauble would be suitable for exterior use as all the materials used are weatherproof.

A Mosaic Christmas (Part 2)

Fiesta Mosaic Christmas Bauble Decoration

The next two sets of baubles in my mosaic decoration range have been listed. The first ones are using the colours I've used before, and I call the pallete Fiesta. The colours are all handpainted onto the tiles using combinations of magenta, red, orange, and gold.


Peacock Mosaic Christmas Bauble Decoration

The second set I've called Peacock, because the palette I've used remind me of the colours you'd find in a peacock feather - blue, green, turquoise, aqua, and copper. Some of the tiles are handpainted to give me the shades that I wanted.

Both of the sets of baubles are finished in grey grout. and both sets are suitable for interior or exterior use. In fact, they don't have to just be used for the festive season. These baubles would look great in the garden all year round. Either hanging up, or as a collection in a bowl on a table.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A Mosaic Christmas (Part 1)

Mosaic Stained Glass Look Christmas Baubles

Mosaic Stained Glass Effect Christmas Ornament
 I've been re-inspired to make some more mosaic Christmas ornaments. This is the first batch of finished ones. My Mosaic Stained Glass Look Christmas Decorations. The tiles are a combination of plain colour, and handpainted layers to give me the exact combinations I wanted. The colours used in the baubles are red, magenta, green, blue, turquoise, orange, yellow with a transluscent gold glaze, and a totally gold tile colour. The grout has been overpainted with black paint to show the tile colours off, and to give the stained glass look. Perfect for Christmas.

These Christmas ornaments can used indoors or outside in the garden, as all the materials used are weatherproof.

Keep an eye on my handmade shop, or website, for more mosaic decorations following very soon. Or follow me on Facebook, or Twitter for updates.

All the links you need are over here  ---------------------->

Friday, 14 October 2011

Folksy Handmade Gift Ideas - For Men

Retro Badge Style Mosaic Bird Bath

This is another collection of items from that's I've collated together onto a Pinterest board. This time I was looking for gift ideas for the men. I was thinking it might be a difficult task as I've seen people say they struggle to find things on the site for men. But, actually, there are loads of things for the fellas.

Subsequently, this list is quite big, and has a range of styles and prices. I hope you find something to inspire you here - 


Sunday, 9 October 2011

Folksy Handmade Gift Ideas - Office

A Pinterest board of gift ideas featuring handmade items from, for accessorising a desk, or office.

I've tried to select a mix of items, from established and newer sellers. Some things on the board would suit a male, and some are more for a female. I've also gone for a range items that would fit in a casual office, or items for a more professional style. There's a wide variety of prices too, so hopefully you'll find something of interest.


Thursday, 29 September 2011

Folksy Handmade Gift Ideas - Gardeners

Just add a bow

Possibly another series of blogs starting here. I may add more in the run up to Christmas.

This first one was an obvious choice for me, because my shop is full of things for the garden (which is why I've sneaked a few of my own items in), and I'm drawn to other interesting garden items too. I collected up a selection of from Folksy and realised that it was going to be a very large list. So, what I thought I would do was split the items into Rustic and Contemporary boards, and depending on what style of garden the person you're buying for has got, you'd be able to choose from that list. Although, as it turns out, the colours in both lists are quite similar, and you could easily mix and match from both lists.

So, here you go. With a price range to suit everyone. Unique gift idea for any gardener, or just a treat for yourself and your own garden -

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Homewares - Red White and Grey

This is a blog that I am probably going to turn into a series. I have been scouring Folksy for handmade home items that match a colour theme. The first palette I've chosen is Red, White, and Grey.

I've found some really lovely things. Hopefully you'll agree. I've pinned them all onto a Pinterest board here -

Folksy Homeware - Red, White and Grey

Take a peek if you've got a mo.

Jo : )

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Moonlight Ripples

A slight change of shades of colours used in my Ripple bird bath design, and I've got a whole new mood and feel to this one.

With the slightly darker shades, and the lighter pebble it's got a feel of the moon, and moonlight being reflected into water.

I love creating this Ripple range, although it's a fairly simple design, the ripples mean I have quite a large palette to work with, and each finished item has a completely unique feel to it.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Slate, and it's many uses.

I've been on the hunt for some nice pieces of slate to add my mosaic to. I found a fantastic piece of purple slate, that was perfect for one of my mosaic dragonflies. It's got grey marbling through it, so the grey iridescent tiles that I use for my dragonfly work really well with it. And the shape of the slate couldn't be better. It's got a lovely smooth surface, and it's slightly angled upwards to a point. So the dragonfly's wings are angled up to the light which means the iridesence shines.

It would be great in the garden to add colour to a border, or by a pond, or on a patio, or on a deck, or in a pot.....

The other piece of slate that I got was a smaller piece that I was originally thinking I would use as a paperweight. You still could. But when I turned it over, I found the natural split that it had in it. I tested a giftcard in it, and found it would make quite a good letter rack. Or it would actually make quite a good door stop as it's slightly wedge-shaped too. Or you could use it in the garden as an ornament all the materials are frostproof. The daisy colours were chosen because there is a tan colour on top of the grey slate, and the colours tie in perfectly.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Building a design.

The idea for this bird bath came from the amber glass nuggets that I've just bought. They reminded me of flower centres with a drop of water on them. So, first, I had to choose a petal colour . I chose cream because with the amber they made a really nice, vintage-fabric-look, daisy flower. Next was the background tile choice. I decided sky blue would blend in really nicely, and set off the flowers without overpowering them, or the flowers becoming too bold either. Finally, a border choice. I could have continued with sky blue around the edge too, but I wanted to keep the blue and the flowers as the central design, so I 'framed' it with terracotta to blend in with the terracotta saucer base.

The finished bird bath has a lovely country-rustic feel to it. And it all came from the amber glass nuggets creating an idea.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Creating a mood through colour and design.

This Faded Blue and Green Circle mirror has a very calming feel about it. I think that's partly due to the mosaic being circular, which means your eye just travels around it without any harsh angles disrupting it. Also the colour palette used is very muted, and gives an almost sun-bleached effect which makes me think of beach huts, the sky, and the sea. All very calming images. Finally the faded blue/grey woodstain on the mirror frame means it adds to the faded, sun-bleached feel. Colours and design creating a feeling and mood.