Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Building a design.

The idea for this bird bath came from the amber glass nuggets that I've just bought. They reminded me of flower centres with a drop of water on them. So, first, I had to choose a petal colour . I chose cream because with the amber they made a really nice, vintage-fabric-look, daisy flower. Next was the background tile choice. I decided sky blue would blend in really nicely, and set off the flowers without overpowering them, or the flowers becoming too bold either. Finally, a border choice. I could have continued with sky blue around the edge too, but I wanted to keep the blue and the flowers as the central design, so I 'framed' it with terracotta to blend in with the terracotta saucer base.

The finished bird bath has a lovely country-rustic feel to it. And it all came from the amber glass nuggets creating an idea.


  1. Beautiful! Isn't it amazing how idea just come streaming from one piece of crafting material.
    Mine is usually Buttons
    <3 Dotty

  2. Thanks, Dotty. It's bloomin' great when designs come easily, isn't it. Jo : )