Thursday, 28 July 2011

Natural Nature

Mosaic Dragonfly Garden Ornament
My latest Pinterest Board is Folksy Nature. For this board I've tried to find things that are close to how the flower, animal, or insect look like in real life. Not too stylised. (I think my dragonfly is fairly close to nature, with the segmented body and iridescent wings). I also try and collect a range of items, I try not to have more than 2 of anything (I might slip to more occasionally). There's some lovely things on this board.

I've got birds, brooches, bluebells, badgers, and bees. I've got purses, pendants, pictures, pyrography, and paintings. I've got daisys and dragonflys. Cards and ceramic. Mushrooms and more............Folksy Nature

Monday, 25 July 2011

Pinterest. Interesting.

Featured on the Waves Board

Having been pointed in the direction of Pinterest I thought I'd give it a go. Basically it's a site which you make online pinboards on. You could collect inspiration pictures to give you ideas for new makes. If you're redecorating you can pin colour combination ideas, and furniture pieces that might match. You could pin a gift idea list. There's loads of uses.

As I am endlessly fascinated by colour and pattern combinations I find it really interesting to put items together as a group to give a feeling, or mood. I've only had time to create a few boards so far, but I've created a couple of themed handmade boards from the items available for sale on Folksy.

Featured on the Moroccan Mood board

 For a bit of middle eastern style - Folksy Morrocan Mood

And as it's holiday season - Folksy Waves

I can feel a series of these boards coming on. More to follow. Probably.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

From Ripples to Waves

My latest design in my bird bath range was inspired by the glass nuggets that I've used. They are clear glass, but with a slightly silver effect, and a rainbow sheen, in certain light angles. They reminded me of bubbles. So, as ripples wouldn't create bubbles, I've moved onto waves.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Exploring colour combinations.

I've just listed this bird bath. I've used this pattern before, but with different colour tiles. This is a really good example of different colour combinations creating a completely feel to each one. This new one has a really calm feel. The complimentary colours in cool shades help create that.

On this bird bath I have used tiles that are slightly clashing. The whole effect reminds me of a Victorian tiled floor. I think it's the dark plum colour mixed with the shades of brown, cream, and terracotta, that give that vintage effect and feel.

This last one is the same pattern as the other two, but this time the colours are deliberately picked to give a Moroccan feel to the bird bath. So there's a lot of deep blue used. Some of the blue tiles have a copper streak in them. The edge of the saucer has a copper, handpainted border to pick up on the tile streak. The other tile colours are complimenting the terracotta base, creating an aged feel.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Summer ice cream colours

With summer just about taking hold, I've decided to showcase my Neapolitan Ripple Bird Bath. The colours are just like layers of ice cream. This bird bath would look really good near lavender, or another grey leaved, or dusky purple flowered plant. It is the larger size in my bird bath range, 28cm diameter. And it has a deep pink pebble in that the birds could use as a perch. It has a very contemporary, and country, feel to it with the design and colours used.