Saturday, 31 October 2015

Summer Meadow Design

Summer Meadow Bird Box

A couple of new items with the Summer Meadow design on them, and with new colours of grout used with it too. The mosaic decorated bird box has a lovely blue grout used with the wildflowers to give a hint of blue sky behind them. The roof is painted a very pale sky blue too. A touch of summer all year round for the birds to use too.

Summer Meadow Coaster

The other Summer Meadow item is a home or garden use mosaic coaster which has a black grout used. This gives the design a slightly folk art feel to it. Great for using on the garden table as a decoration with a practical use too.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Gift Sets

New to my website, a couple of gift sets for garden and wildlife lovers. The first is the Bee Lover's Gift Set which includes a mosaic heart with a bumblebee decoration that you can hang in the garden, and a bee on a daisy mosaic coaster for you to rest a tipple on while you watch the bees visiting the garden. Both of the mosaics are made on slate bases so are suitable for all year garden use, and both the bees have iridescent metallic shine on their wings. There are also 3 hand-stamped envelopes with a pinch of bee friendly plant seeds so you can use containers or a small garden border to create a lovely display that the bees can enjoy too. And all these items come in a honeycomb cell shape box which would be great to use to store the seeds collected from the plants you grow.

There is also the Owl Lover's Gift Set which includes the owl bird bath and an owl bird feeder for all your garden birds' needs.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Mosaic Bumblebee Bee Hanging Heart Decoration

Daisy and Forget-Me-Not Mosaic Bumblebee Hanging Hearts
Been really busy over the last month, so the blog posts have been a bit sparse. If you want to keep up with new makes and new ideas that I've got, the best way is to follow me on Facebook - josaradesign - I also show new things I've made on there first and my page followers get first chance to buy them too.

Like these Bee Hearts, a daisy version and a forget-me-not version too. All sold out now, but when I make some more you'll see them on Facebook first.