Saturday, 27 April 2013

Mosaic Plant Pot Garden Hanging Decorations

Aqua Glass Heart Pot Decoration

These mosaic garden plant pot shaped decorations are designed to hang flush against a fence, or on a shed, or wall. They both have a translucent glass heart sitting proud of the mosaic so the light can shine through it. The hearts are both surrounded by complimenting iridescent tiles that have a metallic finish.

Green Glass Heart Pot Decoration

The green pot has a pea green rim, and bands of apple and mint greens on the pot. The aqua pot has a dark sea rim, with bands of light sea and turquoise on the pot. Both pots are tiled on all sides, but the reverse of each pot has been left unfinished, as it's designed not to be seen.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Folksy Handmade - Beads

A Folksy Friday full of handmade beads today. I love a good root around the supplies section for a Folksy Friday theme. What could be better to make that really special piece of jewellery out of unique beads? All the colours of the rainbow are here, and you could make all sorts of styles of jewellery out of them. What's not to love?

For more details and pictures, click on the pic -

Essentially Beads
Beadelicious Lampwork
Lampwork Beads By Jo

Kilo Lemur Lampwork

Dragonhoard Finds
Jules Bijoux

Larksong Studio
Lala Lampwork Beads
Pixel Pyro Lampwork

Friday, 19 April 2013

Folksy Handmade - Morocco

Blue Splash Mosaic Bird Bath

Inspired by this bird bath design, I've gone to Morocco and the Middle East for this Folksy Friday. Working in mosaic I sometimes end up with a look from this area when I use certain colours, or shapes of tiles in a certain pattern. And this style comes out in other crafts, when these patterns and colours are used too. The home decor would look great used together to make a fab exotic room, and if you wore the jewellery together that would make a fab look too.

Click on the pics to visit the shop for more details -

Domed Bronze Pendant
Johnny the Scavenger
Blue Painted Moroccan Door 10x8
Eyeshoot Photography
Throw Large
Moggles Makes

Arabian Nights Cross Stitch PDF
The Endless Knot
Antique Bronze Clay Necklace
Serving Dish Bowl
Caractacus Pots

Two Bowl with Mottled Blue Glaze
Handpainted Moroccan Style Vase
Moroccan Moon
The Moody Mouse

Purple & Cream Moroccan Cushion
Vintage Geometric Cushion Cover
Retro Sixty Eight
Moroccan Tile Screen Print Fabric
Helen Rawlinson

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Rose Daisy Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Rose Daisy Mosaic Garden Bird Bath
I made a mosaic for a bird box recently with a pattern using the smaller, lighter coloured porcelain daisies. I liked the end result so much, I've decided to add it to a bird bath. The porcelain daises are a light matt rose shade, and the larger daisies are made with glass tiles and have a deeper slighty more translucent pink tone.

I've got other bird baths designs in my shop with the larger daisies on them, but on those I've used them like a fabric pattern so they are evenly spaced over the base of the birdbath.

On this Rose Daisy version I've randomly placed the flowers in a semi circle spray, and filled the border and background with one colour, a pastel aqua shade. It's created a lovely, soft effect to the design.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Green Splash Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Green Splash Mosaic Garden Bird Bath
Green Splash Mosaic Birdbath

Following my Blue Splash bird bath, I decided I liked the way the pattern turned out so much I'd make it in another colours. So I decided to make a Green Splash version. This design is slightly different from the blue because it has iridescent tiles at the centre that shine with metallic colours as the light angle changes. It has the same exotic, Moroccan look to it that the blue version does, and it would look great in an exotic border. But, it would look just as good in a traditional garden with the fresh green colours picking up the greens of the other plants. It's a fab garden decoration that is useful to the birds too.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Blue Splash Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Blue Splash Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

This Blue Splash bird bath has a pattern, and colours, that makes it suitable for all sorts of styles of garden. It would look great in a Mediterranean style garden with it's Moroccan / Moorish feel. But it would look equally good in a traditional English cottage garden picking up the blues of the flowers. Or in a modern / contemporary style garden as a stand alone decoration. A very versatile pattern.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Folksy Handmade - Seaside Room

Coast Scene Mosaic Mirror

I listed a mosaic mirror with a coast scene on it this week. In the description I've put that it would look great in a seaside themed room.

I thought for this Folksy Friday I would try and decorate a seaside/coast themed room for it to go in, using only Folksy items. I know the seaside style has been around for a while, but it's a classic. Very calming, and evocative. I'd be happy to relax in my made up room. It would make a fantastic, luxury beach hut interior.

Click on the pics for more details and to visit each shop -

Fish Mug - Swedish Style Retro
Jilly Bird
Deep Sea Tapered Lampshade
Revill, Revill
Glass Bottle Lamp
Lamp Revamp

Light Blue Driftwood Tide Clock
Reclaimed Time
Cornish Village Lino Print
Fiona Carver
Reclaimed Timer Coffee Table
Northbay Driftwood

Glass Fish Dish
Atlantic Glass Art
Square Pot with Sea Shells
Seagull Applique Cushion

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Rose Cottage Mosaic Garden Wind Chime

Rose Cottage Mosaic Garden Wind Chime

Rose Cottage Mosaic Garden Wind Chime

I have a thing about trying to make mosaic look like different styles. There is a kind of 'standard' look to mosaic that is nice, but I like to see if I can get it to move into different categories. I've had a go at shabby chic, contemporary and folk style in the past. I think they all went well. The pieces sold, so someone liked them. This time the idea was to try and make a Primitive style piece with mosaic. I think this Rose Cottage Wind Chime fits that style with it's naive hand painted details. It also reminds me of those German weather houses that are getting quite popular too. I suppose, in their way, they are a type of primitive art too.

So this is my mosaic cottage windchime for your home or garden, done in primitive style, with added glass heart suncatcher feature, a kind of Home is Where the Heart Is.

Shabby Chic
Folk Style

Friday, 5 April 2013

Folksy Handmade - Blossom

Rose Daisy Mosaic Garden Bird Box
This Folksy Friday is inspired by my new bird box, which has a design inspired by the colour of the rose pink porcelain tile that I used, which reminded me of blossom. And with pink blossom I always associate pale blue skies, and light, fresh green leaves. So the palette I used was pretty easy to put together. So was this Folksy Friday, because there were some great blossom inspired items to choose from, and they were just the colours I was after too. Hopefully this will be a common sight soon. As soon as a little bit of warmth happens, the blossom must be bursting to come out. Hope you like the selection.

For more info or pictures on any of these items, click on the pic to go to the shop.

Painted Cherry Blossom Cuff
Claire Gent
Blossom - A Blank Birthday Card
Artisan Designs Stationery
Cherry Blossom
Caroline Grigg

Pink Purpe Blossom Greeting Card
Clare Sherwen
Cherry Blossom Machine Applique
Cherry Blossom
Gaynor Henaghan Original Art

Cherry Blossom Fridge Magnet
Heartland Designs
Liberty Print Fabric Washbag
Love To Hold
'Modern Vintage' Apple Blossom