Friday, 5 April 2013

Folksy Handmade - Blossom

Rose Daisy Mosaic Garden Bird Box
This Folksy Friday is inspired by my new bird box, which has a design inspired by the colour of the rose pink porcelain tile that I used, which reminded me of blossom. And with pink blossom I always associate pale blue skies, and light, fresh green leaves. So the palette I used was pretty easy to put together. So was this Folksy Friday, because there were some great blossom inspired items to choose from, and they were just the colours I was after too. Hopefully this will be a common sight soon. As soon as a little bit of warmth happens, the blossom must be bursting to come out. Hope you like the selection.

For more info or pictures on any of these items, click on the pic to go to the shop.

Painted Cherry Blossom Cuff
Claire Gent
Blossom - A Blank Birthday Card
Artisan Designs Stationery
Cherry Blossom
Caroline Grigg

Pink Purpe Blossom Greeting Card
Clare Sherwen
Cherry Blossom Machine Applique
Cherry Blossom
Gaynor Henaghan Original Art

Cherry Blossom Fridge Magnet
Heartland Designs
Liberty Print Fabric Washbag
Love To Hold
'Modern Vintage' Apple Blossom


  1. I cannot wait to start seeing real cherry blossom - am so fed up of cold! This is a wonderful selection and such a reminder that spring must come soon! ;)

  2. Lovely selections, thank you for including my blossom card!

  3. What a gorgeous collection of blossom, looking forward to spring, one day. Your new bird box is beautiful.


  4. What a beautiful collection of blossom inspired items, thank you for including my card! :)
    Best wishes
    Lucy x
    Artisan Designs Stationery