Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mosaic Mushroom Cane Caps

These Blue Mosaic Mushroom Cap cane toppers are designed to fit on top of standard green split canes that you can get in any garden centre, or supply shop to use as plant supports. Or if you've got a bamboo cane with a large enough hole to fit the nut that connects the cap to a cane, you could saw one of those up and use that as the stalk instead. Sold as a set of three so you can have them at different levels to create your own stepped display. They can stay out in the garden all year round so you can have them as a permanent feature in a container, or in a border.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Water Lily Pond Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

I have already done a Folksy Friday
on Ponds, because I love ponds. My own little one in my small garden has a tiny water lily, 2 goldfish and (a growing population of) pond snails. It's inspired me to make a Water Lily Pond themed mosaic bird bath. I decided to make it stylised using angular shapes to create the features and background. I think it gives the bird bath the feeling of movement. And it also gives a Japanese look to the design, with a slight origami feel to the shapes.

The silvery fish are made with iridised tiles so they shine with the colours of the rainbow in certain light angles, just like real fish. The background is in two shades of deep sapphire to add a flickering quality to the 'water'. It should be really effective with real water in when it's filled. Perfect for if you've always wanted a pond, but haven't got room. Or for if you just want a unique, decorative bird bath for your garden.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Folksy Handmade - Words

Today's Folksy Friday is inspired by my latest listing of cast letters. I've handpainted these to give them an aged, antique gold finish, which makes them look very ornate. I've had a hunt around and collected together a selection of decorative words for the home and garden.

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Top Row (Left to Right)
Middle Row (Left to Right)
Bottom Row (Left to Right)

Thursday, 24 May 2012


We've finally got some proper sunshine. At last the garden is starting to look green and lush. And it's given me the opportunity to get some updated photos of a few of my items. The Mosaic Mushrooms look great tucked in amongst the plants, just peeping out to discover when you walk past. And the Mediterranean Hearts pot is a great pot to put a succulent plant in to give a hint of the Med in your garden.

Hopefully the sunshine will continue and we can enjoy it as much as the plants are.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Folksy Handmade - Hidden Treasure

This Folksy Friday is inspired by my Hidden Treasure bird bath which has a design showing sparkling treasure peeking out from in the cracks of the grey rock. So I've collected together things that are made of, or have the colour of -Precious metals, Agate, and Fossils that are found hidden in rocks and stone, and Mother of Pearl, Pearl and Amber that are found hidden in shells and the sea. The locket made of precious metal, and the box made with agate and in the colour of a precious metal add extra to the hidden theme too.

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Top Row (Left to Right)
Middle Row (Left to Right)

Friday, 11 May 2012

Folksy Handmade - Pond

I love ponds. I find them really interesting, pretty, and relaxing. I have already made mosaic dragonflies on slate as garden pond decorations, and I have now used the dragonfly as a decoration on a hanging ornament too. So to go with these dragonflies I've collected together some other things you might find in, and around, a garden pond.

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Friday, 4 May 2012

Folksy Handmade - Honey, Bees

The trees are getting their leaves, and the blossom is opening too. The bees will be getting busy pollinating the fruit and flowers. So this Folksy Friday is all about bees, and honey. I've got bumblebees, honey bees, beehives, honey coloured goodies, honey smelling goodies, and even a goodie to eat honey with. (Shop link menu under gallery, and ongoing Pinterest board link below.)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Mosaic Garden Hanging Decorations

Going back to my roots with these three items. The very first handmade things I sold online were a set of hanging garden mosaic decorations. I had the idea to try and come up with something a bit different for the garden because I could never find any garden ornaments that I liked for myself in the garden centres, or on the high street. That then led on to me setting up my handmade shops and website for selling the garden items I created.

The first hanging decoration I've listed is the Turquoise Blue Double Mosaic, which has a beaded join meaning both decorations can turn independently. It's tiled on all sides so it can be hung to be viewed from all angles. This one could be used as a suncatcher too as it's got squares of mirror in that catch the light and throw it around the garden as the decoration turns in the breeze.

The idea of the design on the Amethyst Dragonfly Mosaic Garden Decoration was to have dragonflies looking like they were flitting around as the ornament turned around. It's got the same design on both sides of 2 dragonflies with their misty grey iridescent wings, and slightly raised (which gives a slight 3D effect) shiny black bodies. The background tiles are two shades of dark plum / amethyst / violet purple tiles.

On both decorations the tiles on the sides have had their edges left ungrouted so it creates a border for the face tiles and when the light shines through the edges you get a lovely effect of the tiles lighting up like opalescent stained glass.

The last of the hanging decorations I've called Tutti Fruiti because of the fruity, bright orange and red tiles used. This one also has mirror used so it could be used as a suncatcher to cast dots of reflected light around the garden. The other colours used are pastels and white, and the hanging filament has been beaded with complimentary colours. All these decorations can be left out in the garden all year so are great for adding colour and interest all year round.

All these hanging decorations can be found in the Garden Pots & Decor section of my website.