Monday, 28 May 2012

Water Lily Pond Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

I have already done a Folksy Friday
on Ponds, because I love ponds. My own little one in my small garden has a tiny water lily, 2 goldfish and (a growing population of) pond snails. It's inspired me to make a Water Lily Pond themed mosaic bird bath. I decided to make it stylised using angular shapes to create the features and background. I think it gives the bird bath the feeling of movement. And it also gives a Japanese look to the design, with a slight origami feel to the shapes.

The silvery fish are made with iridised tiles so they shine with the colours of the rainbow in certain light angles, just like real fish. The background is in two shades of deep sapphire to add a flickering quality to the 'water'. It should be really effective with real water in when it's filled. Perfect for if you've always wanted a pond, but haven't got room. Or for if you just want a unique, decorative bird bath for your garden.


  1. That is absolutely beautiful! With real water it will be stunning!! you really have the talent Thanks for sharing the idea!