Friday, 28 December 2012

Folksy Friday - Crafty Cushions

That's it then, the end of 2012. I hope yours has been a good one. It's also the end of a whole year of doing Folksy Fridays for me. I was trying to work out how many Folksy shops I might have featured in that time. I always feature between 9 and 12 shops each time. If I round that to 10, and take into account I might have doubled up shops in that time (I know I've done it a few times, but I do try and feature new shops each time, if I can), that's around 500 (nice round number) shops, and 500 lovely crafters/designers that have helped make these Folksy Friday blog posts. It's a pleasure doing them because there are so many great things to choose from, and I do love a good browse when I'm shopping online, so Folksy Fridays are an extension of that.

Anyway, after a year of pretend shopping (I wish I could buy the lot) online, I think I need a rest for a bit. So I thought for this last 2012 Folksy Friday I'd surround myself with some gorgeous comfy cushions. As I've tried to do in all my Folksy Fridays, I've picked a selection that have a design made from a craft. So there's handprinting, knitting, embroidery, patchwork, weaving, and applique all here. I love all of these, and I'd be happy to plonk myself down in the middle of them all.

So, for the final time this year, click on the pic to visit the shop and see more pictures and details -

Art Deco Rose Print Cushion
Lulu and Luca
Clementini Knitted Cushion Kit
Hand Printed Orange Feather Cushion

Hand Printed Butterfly Cushion
Woad Butterfly
The Ocean - Activity Cushion
Patchwork Playground
Romani Embroidered Cushion

Tweed Basketweave Cushion
Clever Elsie
Cushion 008
Gilla's Treasures
Red Cat by the Sea Cushion
Karen Lloyd Textiles

Octopus Cushion
Gonk Cushion
Mama Bea Makes
Patchwork Cushion
Sew Happy

Friday, 21 December 2012

White Waterlily Pond Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

White Water Lily Mosaic Garden Bird Bath
White Waterlily Mosaic Garden Birdbath

I've just added this new bird bath to my website, where it will stay as an exclusive until after Christmas. I love making these mini ponds. This one has two goldfish, a white water lily, and some of the green lily pads are made with iridescent green tiles which shine with metallic blue and gold as the light catches them. The background is two shades of deep blue to give a shimmering, watery effect. This one is a smaller sized 21cm which is still perfect for smaller birds to bathe in. And it's a perfect pond size to fit into even the smallest garden. You could even put it on a balcony.

Folksy Handmade - Merry Christmas

It's nearly here. And I'm only a couple of Folksy Fridays away from completing a whole year of doing them. So for this one, I'd like to wish you all -

(Click on the pics to visit the fab shops featured)

Very Merry Christmas Card
Merry Christmas Wooden Gardland
Emma Lane Designs
Christmas Ceramic Heart Decoration
Handmade with Love by Shelley Lee

Welsh Merry Christmas Stag Card
Wooden Tree Gift Tag Decoration
Claire Louise Designs
Handmade Christmas Gift Tags
By the Fireside

Silver City Christmas Card Single
Say It
Handmade Happy New Year Card
Paper Daisy Card Design
Handmade Christmas Card
Heidi Made This

Friday, 14 December 2012

Folksy Handmade - Cats and Dogs

I've done gift guides for Gardeners, one for Men, and there were collections of Scarves, and another with things with Shape designs on, which both had loads of choices and ideas in. So for this week's Folksy Friday I've decided to do a list for our furry friends. This is a list for cats and dogs, but some of the things can be used for other small pets too. There's some lovely stuff for the pampered pooches, and cosseted cats in our households here.

Have a click on the pic if you want more photos and details on anything.

Welsh Jacob Wool Rug
Nellie and Eve
The "Wimbledon" Dog Coat
Hounds of Hampton
Burgundy and Brown Leather Lead
New Forest Leather

Wipe Your Paws Wall Sign
Hipsley & Finn
Handmade Kitten / Cat Safety Collar
Tabby Cat Collars
Pet Paw Christmas Stocking
Jandee Crafts

Leopard Print Leather Dog Collar
Backbeat Leather
Soft Pet Bed
Gingham Rose
Bone Design Dog Feeding Bowl
Caractacus Pots

Brown Woolen Pet Bed
Olly's Pet Boutique
Hotspot Pet ID Tag
Christmas Knitted Dog Jumper

Friday, 7 December 2012

Folksy Handmade - 2013

Foe this weeks Folksy Friday I've collected together some diaries and calenders. Always a great gift. I use a calendar. I know you can use your computer to store things to pop up on different dates, but that's not quite the same as having a nice calendar brightening up your kitchen, or desk, that you can see at a glance. There are a selection of sizes and styles in this collection. There's even one you can add your own photos, or pictures to. I really recommend you pop into the shops to see the close up pictures of the designs, and photographs that are included in each calendar. They are fantastic.

So, click on the pic to visit the shop for more picture and details.

Modern Mini Desk Calendar
Sam Osbourne
2013 Desk Calendar
Bethan Janine
Flowers Loose Leaf Desk Calendar
Eyeshoot Photography

Textile Owl Diary
Diane Taylor Textile Designer
Diary - Owls in Wooly Jumpers
Personalised Calendar - The Owls
The Leaf Press

Calendar Magent - Sun and Balloon
Asking for Trouble

Make Your Own Calendar
Morning Dreamer
Ello Doodles Handmade Calendar
Ello Design

Appliqued Diary
Swancott Designs

2013 Calendar
Photography & Design
Mini Calender - Animal Collective
Violet May