Saturday, 17 January 2015

Most Loved Hedgehogs

Oh look, I made one of the Folksy 2014 round-up charts. In the 'Most Loved' chart, that's very nice. The hedgehog water dishes have been very popular on all my selling sites, which is great for the real hedgehogs, me, and the people that have bought them seem to be pleased too. What could be nicer? I love my job.

Roses Mosaic Topiary Standard Tree Garden Plaque

The idea and the reality. I've had this idea for a while, to make some sort of mosaic topiary, and I've finally managed to try it out and I think it's worked out quite well. Very close to how I visualised it and first made a graphic to explain it on Facebook for feedback. The mosaic plaque is designed to be hung on a wall or fence, then you get to be the designer after that, making a unique display by adding your own choice of pot, filled with whatever plants and flowers you choose, and then you link the pot and plaque with a stem of your choice (I've used a cut down bamboo cane). No pests, no diseases, no pruning, and permanent full bloom roses, what's not to like?

Canal Folk Art Roses Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Canal Folk Art Roses Mosaic Garden Bird Bath
This is the last (for now) colour choice in my new for 2015 Roses range of bird baths. This one was inspired by narrowboat Roses and Castles are with the bright roses and sky blues. The roses are made with matt and iridescent metallic shine tiles to add extra interest. It's a lovely, bright design to add colour to your garden.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

China Blue Roses Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

China Blue Roses Mosaic Garden Bird Bath
I'm on a bit of a roll using the rose in a new design for this year. After the Pink Roses, this is the China Blue Roses. The idea behind this version was to have the roses in blue like they are a pattern on china, then the white background is a nod to the china being broken, as if the design is made out of pieces of blue and white china. I used grey grout on this one so it tied in the white a bit, and because it reminded me of the rough edges you get on some of the stoneware blue and white plates. Another version of this design is in progress, it's proving to be very adaptable. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for when I will be adding any of these designs to my website, or you can message me there to request any of the designs as a made to order too.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Roses Mosaic Bird Bath

Pink Roses Mosaic Garden Bird Bath
After making a hanging heart with this new design on, I thought it would work well in a bird bath too. And it did. A few people are saying this design has a Mackintosh feel about it. I think that's the black grout I've used this time because the tiles are quite pale in colour so would get a bit lost in the usual grey I use. So, after the heart and bird bath in pink roses, I think I can feel a different colour version coming next. I love the new year. I think it's when the Xmas rush of making lots of current designs is over, and I finally get a chance to think straight, then all the new ideas I had half thought out when I was in a making frenzy come flooding out. Follow me over on Facebook to see these new ideas taking shape and get notification when they are added to my website too.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Pink Roses Hanging Heart Garden Decoration

Pink Roses Hanging Heart Garden Decoration
The first new design of 2015 from me, the Pink Roses Hanging Heart Garden Decoration. I had designed the rose and used it in a bird bath a few months ago, and I fancied using it to create a fabric look on a hanging heart. I used some very delicate iridescent and plain pastel pink tiles for the roses, and used fresh greens for the leaves to give a nice bright background. It's worked really well with the black grout popping the colours out. So 2015 has started well with this design, which I like so much I am going to use it in a bird bath, and I'm going to try more colourways of it too. You can either follow me on Facebook to see these new designs take shape and find out when they get listed on my website, or you can follow this blog.