Friday, 28 September 2012

Folksy Handmade - Folk

Folk Art Style Mirror and Baubles

I love folk style. Could be because I was a child of the 70's and it was everywhere back then. If your denim wasn't embroidered with a bit of folk, you were no one. But the stylised flowers, birds and hearts in geometric patterns have always appealed to me, as you can see, because my banners on this blog are a bit embroidered folk style too. So for this week's Folksy Friday it's a collection of folk style items. There's a bit of Nordic, and a bit of Russian, Eastern European and good old British with the Morris dancer.

If you want any more info on anything click the pic to visit their shop.

*** Folksy Handmade - Folk ***

Hand-knitted Red & White Socks
Legyviel in Rivendell

Three Russian Doll Decorations
Red Scandinavian Ribbon
The Crafterie

70s Folk Art Giclee Print
Ceramic Folk Art Blue Bird
Dottery Pottery

Russian Doll Mini Tote Bag
Little Twirls Boutique
Morris Dancer Crown Print
Big White Hanky

Flower Owl - Greetings Card
Folk Art Papercuts by Suzy Taylor

Cashmere Mittens
Crafty Bug Her

Friday, 21 September 2012

Folksy Handmade - Knitting


If you thought knitting was just to make jumpers, scarves, and hats, think on. I ended up picking items to create a similar colour palette just to help narrow it down a bit. But as usual, there are loads more to choose from on And as usual, if you want any more info on any of the items, click the pic to visit the shop.

Emmalyne's Stuff

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

3D Suncatcher Christmas Trees

These Christmas tree decorations are expanding the Dots Suncatcher range. I have aready made some lantern suncatchers, and a bookmark/suncatcher card with this pattern. This time I've hand painted two sizes of Christmas tree and slotted them together so they can be stored flat, the arranged at right angles creating a 3D effect tree to display. The translucent paint makes these trees great for hanging in a window, or anywhere were light can shine through them making the colours brilliant. They have a fab contemporary, modern look.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Folksy Handmade - Wood

Purple Bee Log House
Having recently listed my wooden bee house, I thought for this week's Folksy Friday I would put together a collection of handcrafted wooden items. I really like the warmth of real wood, and that it can look  contemporary, as well as traditional. There's some very clever and skillful people on Folksy, and there were loads of wooden items to choose from, but I've narrowed it down to these few, as a tiny selection of what's available.

If you want more details on any of the items, click the name under the picture to visit their shop.

Cherry Wood Project

Free Range Designs
Inspired to Make
William White

Katie's Handcrafted World
Contemporary Designer Jewellery
Erin Rose

Urban Harmony

Friday, 7 September 2012

Purple Bee Log House

Purple Bee Log House

Purple Bee Log House

I wanted to try and create a contemporary looking bee home. I came up with an idea to make a stylised 'log' shape to hold bamboo canes in, and I've created the Purple Bee Log House. The depth of the log means the canes are nice and long so the bees can get right in to lay their eggs in their chambers and they are safely away from the entrance. This house is designed for mason bees who are solitary bees (meaning they don't live in communal groups like honey bees in a hive). They are also non-aggressive bees, so they are perfectly safe to have around in the garden. The bees will lay their eggs in the cane, then block the entrance hole up to keep their growing youngsters safe until they emerges in spring.

Purple Bee Log House

One of the worst things that can happen to the eggs over winter is getting wet. The canes have been set back inside the log to give them an overhang of protection from the wood surrounds. The bee log needs to be sited facing as close to south as possible so that should protect it further from the prevailing winter weather. If the weather is really bad, the log can be taken down and stored somewhere dry and put back out in early spring when the young bees will hatch out. There are plenty of gaps in between the canes which could be used by ladybirds and lacewings to overwinter too. All in all, loads of beneficial insects could benefit from this log house, and your garden could benefit from free aphid eaters, and fruit, veg, and flower pollinators to give you a bumper crop and a great flower display.

Folksy Handmade - Blue Lagoon

Inspired by the colours in my new Laguna Mini Bird Bath, which reminded me of the colours you'd see in a lagoon (the clue's in the name), I had a nosey round for some other watery palettes, and came up with this fab little lot, which match my little bird bath perfectly, and some even have a rippling pattern too.

Shop links for each item can be found in the menu below the picture gallery.

Top Row (Left to Right)
Sea Jewels - merino sportweight yarn, by Abstract Cat Crafts
Peacock Feather Button Charm Bracelet, by Mrs Gibson
"Ocean" Fantasy Fibres for Crafting, by Enchanted Soul
Middle Row (Left to Right)
A4 Giclee Print - Teal, Turquoise & Silver Tree Painting, by Louise Mead
Button, Ceramic Flower Bouquet in Vase, by Handmade with Love, by Shelly Lee
String Pendant - turquoise polymer clay, by Di Keeble Beads and Jewellery
Bottom Row (Left to Right)
MANNAN, A Bead Embroidered Cuff, by Creative Treasures
Green and Blue Lace Shawl, by Brights and Delights
Hand Crochets Cotton Motif Coasters, by OneChurchillsGreen

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mini Mosaic Ripple Bird Bath

Laguna Ripple Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Laguna Ripple Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

I have just started a new version in my Ripple bird bath range of a smaller sized one. This would still be perfect for smaller birds like sparrows, robins, and blue tits to bathe in. The larger birds can still use it to drink from too, as can other wildlife. This one is called Laguna Ripple because the colours used are the colours of a Lagoon.