Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Cloud of Butterflies Slate Garden Decorations

Clouds of Butterflies Slate Paddlestone Decoration

It's official. I've gone butterfly mad. I just love the colour palettes I can put together using these mini ones. And they look great as a Cloud of Butterflies on these slate paddlestones. These slates would be great adding colour in a garden, as part of a container display, at the front of a border, next to a pond, on a raised bed wall....

They would also look great indoors. Maybe in a bathroom, or on a mantel or windowsill where the light can catch them and make the iridescent tiles shine with their metallic colours.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Beautiful Butterflies

Blue & Orange Butterfly Mini Bath

Have you noticed the amount of butterflies around already? Looks like it might be a good year for them. And seeing all these beauties has inspired me to make some more butterfly mosaic designs. I've made a butterfly mini bath which is designed to have pebbles in for the butterflies to land on and sip the water from the edges.

Blue & Purple Cloud of Butterflies Slate Decoration

The other design is a slate garden decoration with a cloud of mosaic butterflies on it. Some are plain colour tiles and some are iridescent so shine with metallic colours when the light catches them. Great for adding colour in a border, or as part of a display of pots, or next to a pond, or......

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Butterfly Compass Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Butterfly Compass Bird Bath 

Butterfly Compass Bird Bath
Another new bird bath design. I've had the idea to make a compass in a bird bath for a while. I'd also made a bird bath recently using the mini butterflies. It suddenly came to me that they could be fluttering in between the compass points to make up the design. So the Butterfly Compass Bird Bath took shape.

I've used some plain colour and some iridescent tiles to make the butterflies. The iridescent tiles add such interest to the mosaic with their shiny metallic colours. This bird bath is a great ornament for a garden, plus it's practical for the birds, plus it would be handy for a gardener as the compass points when set up to face their true directions could be used to help place plants where they'll like it best, with more sun, more shade etc. What could be a better gift for a wildlife loving gardener?