Friday, 24 October 2014

Fairground Flowers Garden Bird Nest Box

Fairground Flowers Garden Bird Nest Box

The flowers on this bird box have been handmade with wire, then hand painted with weatherproof paint in bright fairground colours of red, yellow and blues. Each flower has then been randomly attached to the bird box. This nest box is practical for the birds as it can be left in the garden all year round so can be used for nesting in the spring and for roosting out of bad weather in the winter. The bird box also makes a great garden decoration for you to look at too.

Wildlife Water Dishes, Bird Baths and Plaques

25cm Owl Bird Bath and 21cm Moonlight Hedgehog Water Dish
25cm Hanging Wall Plaque & 17cm Owl Water Dish

Hedgehog Water Dishes & Plaques
A gang of hedgehogs and owls have invaded my website. There are 17cm water dishes, which are great for leaving fresh water out for your garden wildlife. Then there are 21cm water dishes, that are a tiny bit deeper so will be good as small bird baths too. Then there's the 25cm bird baths that are great for small and larger birds too. The hedgehog design comes in three colours, and all of the hedgehog and owl designs can be made into wall hanging plaques too. Something for any wildlife, nature and garden lover.

Vintage Fabric Effect Mosaic House Number

Vintage Fabric Look Mosaic House Numbers
Vintage Fabric Look Mosaic House Number

These house number mosaic plaques have been designed to look like they've got a vintage Liberty style fabric background. The mosaic is made up of small flowers, and butterflies, filled in with small leaves. The grout on the front design has then been overpainted with weatherproof paint to create a rough texture to finish the vintage fabric look.

Delphinium Reflections Bird Bath

Delphinium Reflections Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

The idea of the mosaic design in this bird bath was having a spike of mixed delphinium blooms and the mini butterflies flitting around them as if they are being reflected in the water of the bird bath. The blue butterflies are iridescent and the plum butterflies are transparent to add interest and depth to the design. Each delphinium flower has a mini white daisy with a lilac centre in it's centre.