Friday, 26 October 2012

NEW Free Bird and Bee Seeds

Free Birds and Bees Seeds
I am amending my bird baths, and bee log homes to show that they now come with a free packet of seeds. All with complete sowing and growing instructions.(U.K. purchases from my website and Folksy shop only, I'm afraid. The international laws on posting seeds are a bit too complicated.)

With any Bird Bath purchase there will be a free pack of 3 Dwarf Sunflower seeds (chosen to suit any size garden, and they're good for bees too, the actual variety may change with availability). The flowers are chosen produce lots of seeds that you can leave on the plants for the birds to pick off, or you can harvest the seeds and put them in a feeder, or on a bird table.

And with every Bee Log House there will be a free pack of 10 Thyme seeds. The flowers are fantastic magnets for bees, and of course the leaves are very useful for us. It's the plant that gives and gives.

If you take advantage of my Birds and Bees offer you'll get a free pack of both types of seeds. If you're buying a bird bath, or bee home as a gift you could keep the seeds as a treat for yourself, or pass them on as an extra bit of the gift.

Folksy Handmade - Contemporary Christmas

Suncatcher Christmas Trees
I just worked out how many Folksy Fridays there are left until Christmas. Taking out the last Friday before Christmas, because it's past the last posting date, there are only 8. So I think it's about time I started my Gift Ideas and Christmas Decoration Collections. I'll be doing gift lists aimed at certain people, and collections of similar style decorations to help give a bit of Christmas inspiration. I love a good root around for the Christmas Folksy Fridays. There's always some gems that I find in all the new shops I come across.

Anyway, this week I'm doing Contemporary Christmas. So here is a selection of decorations, cards, and  tags with a modern look and feel.

For more details on any of the items click on the pic to be taken to the shop.

Christmas Berries Glass Fairy Lights
Red Brick Glass
Set of 3 Porcelain Reindeer
Ragged Rascal Design

Quilted Stripey Stocking
Two Owls Design

Christmas Reindeer Paper Ornaments
Happythought Paper Crafts
Pack of 4 Folky Bauble Christmas Cards
Stampa Cantina
Robins Egg Blue Handmade Bauble
SkyDancer Jewellery and Glass

Quirky & Unusual Christmas Wreath
Krysia Crafts
Set of 5 Christmas Tree Gift Tags
Chicken and Custard

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Blue Ammonite Mini Mosaic Bird Bath

Blue Ammonite Mini Mosaic Bird Bath

This is another smaller sized bird bath. I had already designed a 25cm version of a stylised ammonite fossil bed. This is a 19cm bird bath with a single blue ammonite design in the centre. The tile colours used in the ammonite are shades of blue and turquoise, including translucent dark turquoise, and a sapphire blue iridescent tiles. The surrounding tiles are a light stone grey which gives the impression of the rock of a fossil bed.

Ammonite Fossil Bed Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

25cm Ammonite Bird Bath
The larger 25cm bird bath has more ammonites showing and partially showing through the grey rock bed, made with mid grey tiles. These ammonites are in shades of green, and grey blue, and also include translucent and iridescent tiles to add interest and depth the the design.

Both bird baths qualify for the Birds and Bees Deal discount.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Folksy Handmade - Houses

70s Vintage House Cushion
Little Sally Walters

When I was putting together a folk inspired Folksy Friday a couple of weeks ago, I came across a few items with houses in the design. I decided to hold them back and add to them to create this week's Folksy Friday. So here is a small town's worth of lovely, bright, colourful houses.

Quirky Cornish Cottage
Handmade by Noelle
As usual, click the pic for more details and to visit the shop.

Folk House A4 Print
Artwork by Angie
Little House No. 65
Little Miss Crafty's Curiosity Shop

Our House
Beeswax and Broomsticks

Little Red Cottage Textile Art
Laundry Cottage
Where We Live A4 Print

Friday, 12 October 2012

Folksy Handmade - Birds and Bees

This week's Folksy Friday is inspired by my Birds and Bees Set, and my new Birds and Bees Deal combining a Bee Log House (that can be used by insects for overwintering in too), and a mosaic Bird Bath. So this week's list includes some of the birds and insects that the set is designed for, and which might be attracted to your garden. I'd love bullfinches in my garden, but I'm not near any woodland, or orchards, which is where they live. I've seen the rest of the gallery in my little urban garden, even the tiny wren which has a bloomin' big gob for a tiny bird. It's song is amazing for one so wee.

For more info on any of the items, click the pic to be taken to the designer's shop.

Stained Glass Bee Suncatcher
Carole's Glass

Sterling Silver Pendant
Little Red Robin
Set of 4 Bird Notecards

Bullfinch Cotton Fabric Bird
The Cotton Potter

Linen Tea Cosy
Birds from my Garden
Art by Juila Keen

5 x Ladybird Buttons
Make and Do

Rae Welch
Hand Embroiderd Goldfinch Brooch
Handmade and Heritage

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Birds & Bees Deal

Bee Log House

Introducing my new Birds and Bees Deal. Buy any 19cm or 25cm Mosaic Bird Bath, and a Bee Log House, and receive a refunded discount. Great for starting your wildlife attracting collection for your garden. Or great as a gift for a gardener, grow your own fan, or wildlife lover.

Full details can be found on my website

(This offer is available in any of my online shops, just purchase the two items within the specified timeframe.)

25cm Bird Bath
19cm Bird Bath
25cm Bird Bath

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Birds and Bees Log House and Bird Bath Set

Birds & Bees Purple Log House and Bird Bath Set

I have been thinking of combining items to make useful sets for a while. And this is the first one. It's one of my Purple Bee Log Houses combined with a matching colour Mosaic Bird Bath. Making it a Birds and Bees Set. The bird bath mosaic has a very blousy, plum-coloured chrysanthemum like flower in the centre. That's surrounded by cream tiles with a purple tiles border on the side of the saucer. The purple tiles have been left slightly proud of the rim and left ungrouted there so the light can shine through then edges, giving a lovely, lit edge effect in certain light angles. A great set to attract birds and bees to your garden. If you grow your own this is a free pest control attraction set.
Purple Bee Log House

Chrysanthemum Flower Decoration
Purple Flower Mosaic Bird Bath

Friday, 5 October 2012

Folksy Handmade - Ditsy

Ditsy Flowers Suncatcher Card

After I created my Ditsy Suncatcher cards this week, I thought I'd put together a collection of other ditsy print items. Ditsy shouldn't really be my thing. I'm not a great lover of florals. But I like stylised flowers. I like folk style (see last week's Folksy Friday), which uses stylised flowers. And I like vintage which uses stylised flowers a lot too. I suppose the smallness of ditsy flowers makes them more like spots of colour, so it's probably the combination of colours that appeal to me, rather than the actual flowers. Or it could be that the patterns remind me of Spring and Summer, my favourite seasons. Whatever it is, I've found some great items.

If you want more detail on any of them, click the pic to visit the shop.

Beermat Notebook Orange Floral
Kate Bowles
Retro Orange Yellow Floral Peg Bag
From Rags to Bags

Cross Body Bag Summer Festival

Floral Vintage Cosmetic Pouch
Crimson Cuttlefish
Drum Lampshade Floral Fabric
Dachshund Dog Cushion
The Sherbert Patch

Ditsy Print Crinkle Shawl

Vintage Style Full Apron
Cute in the Kitchen
Vintage Floral Cameo Earrings