Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Birds and Bees Log House and Bird Bath Set

Birds & Bees Purple Log House and Bird Bath Set

I have been thinking of combining items to make useful sets for a while. And this is the first one. It's one of my Purple Bee Log Houses combined with a matching colour Mosaic Bird Bath. Making it a Birds and Bees Set. The bird bath mosaic has a very blousy, plum-coloured chrysanthemum like flower in the centre. That's surrounded by cream tiles with a purple tiles border on the side of the saucer. The purple tiles have been left slightly proud of the rim and left ungrouted there so the light can shine through then edges, giving a lovely, lit edge effect in certain light angles. A great set to attract birds and bees to your garden. If you grow your own this is a free pest control attraction set.
Purple Bee Log House

Chrysanthemum Flower Decoration
Purple Flower Mosaic Bird Bath

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