Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Ditsy Flower Suncatcher Cards

Ditsy Flowers Suncatcher Card

I'm still coming up with ideas for my suncatcher card range. This time the design is fixed, unlike my other designs which can be removed to use as a proper hanging suncatcher, or a bookmark. These are just pretty cards that if displayed on a windowsill, or somewhere where the light can shine through them, will throw the pattern onto other surfaces. Which makes these cards something different from the norm. I'm trying to design things that would be good for gardeners, to keep a theme for my shop. But these cards would be perfect for anyone that likes flowers, vintage, or just fun, bright things.

Blue Ditsy Flowers Suncatcher Card

The cards have vintage fabric style, ditsy print daisies on them. One with orange, magenta, mint, and white flowers, one with blue, lime, yellow and mint flowers, and the other card is called Double Ditsy because it uses both colourways back to back to create a very deep, rich pattern.

Double Ditsy Flowers Suncatcher Card

As I design all my patterns, and hand-paint them all, you know you're getting something very different from anything else you can buy. Which is all part of the fun for me. I love creating my own designs, because I know no one else is doing the same. It's what handmade is all about, for me. Individual styles that make the items special and unique.

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