Friday, 27 April 2012

Folksy Handmade - Purple Flowers

I came up with my Clematis Plant Stakes after wanting to make something with the lovely deep plum shade purple tiles that I'd got. I then saw a thread on the Folksy forum saying purple seemed to be a popular colour at the moment. So for this week's Folksy Friday I've gathered together a bunch of Purple Flowers, in deep purples, violets and plums. (Shop link menu below gallery, or follow Handmade link to the Pinterest board.)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Folksy Handmade - Starbursts and Sea Glass

I made this Sea Glass Starburst decoration because I really wanted to use the glass pebbles raised up so the light could go through them. Because the surface they are set in has a slightly sandy texture it's made the glass pebbles look like sea glass. So this gave me a theme for this week's Folksy Friday. It's a colour, design, and material theme. Blues, greens and amber, starbursts and glass.

Shop menu below the gallery, or ongoing Pinterest board here -

Top Row (Left to Right)

Middle Row (Left to Right)

Bottom Row (Left to Right)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Clematis, metal and mirror

Purple Clematis Mosaic Mirror Garden Plant Stake

Purple Clematis Mosaic Mirror Garden Plant Stake

I seem to have a thing about creating flowers that are stylised versions of real flowers at the mo. I came up with a petal shape that reminded me of a clematis flower, so I decided to make a pair of plant stakes which could be used in containers, or borders. The beauty of these stakes is they can be moved around as things come into flower to create a feature using them as ornaments. They look fab with these blush pink tulips, but can be easily moved when the tulips are finished to create another display, Or, you could use them with evergreens to add colour, or just on their own as a contemporary garden display.

Because I was using the dark purple tiles to create the flower I wanted something light for the background. I decided to use mirror, which makes the dark flowers really stand out. Plus the mirror reflecting the light means these plant stakes looks great even in shady borders, or corners.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Folksy Handmade - Supplies

As I have made a move into selling my wool flowers, I thought for this week's Folksy Friday I'd go and have a nose around in the Supplies section and see what else I could find. Blimey! What a fantastic selection of handmade goodies. I've picked out things that caught my eye, but there are tons to choose from. I would recommend anyone wanting a bit of inspiration to have a hunt through. You're bound to see something that will inspire you to create something using it.

Anyway, please find a small taster of what's on offer below. Links to the shops in the menu under the gallery, and a selection of the items will be on my ongoing Folksy Friday Pinterest board here -

Top Row (Left to Right)

Middle Row (Left to Right)

Bottom Row (Left to Right)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sea Glass Starburst

This handcast base with glass decoration is my lastest listing to my shop. You could use this ornament indoors, but I designed it for use in the garden. All the materials are weatherproof so it can be left outside all year (although I might just pop it under cover if it's going to be icy, just to protect the glass a bit). The design is a starburst of pale green, turquoise and deep blue sapphire pebbles. Which, because the surface they are on has a sandy texture, have the look of sea glass on a beach. When it's placed in sunlight the colours sparkle. There's an indentation in the centre that will take a standard size tealight, so it could be used at night too, with candlelight illuminating the glass. Perfect.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Folksy Handmade - Abstract

I'll be honest, I'm not really sure what abstract means when it comes to art and design. Not officially anyway. I know what I personally think it is, and I've put together a collection of items based on my idea of abstract, which is something represented by shapes and colour in a loose way. You might have a different idea of what abstract is. There's probably loads of interpretations. But I hope you like my selections anyway.

The menu of shop links is below the gallery, and see a selection of the items on the Pinterest board using the Folksy Handmade link -

Top Row (Left to Right)
Abstract Kitty, by Blackoutwell
Abstract Woodland Aluminium Necklace, by Claire Gent Design
Modern Abstract Wood Wall Art, by Yellowboots Design

Middle Row (Left to Right)
Squares, Olive Green - Graphic Abstract Acrylic Print, by SkyBlueView Jewellery and Art
Glass and Wire Tree, Sarah Leeson Stained Glass
Porcelain and Glass Dish - Seawater, by seaurchin porcelain

Bottom Row (Left to Right)
Abstract Poppies Scarf, by Broomhead Designs
Abstract Glass Pendant, by Black Swan Glass Jewellery
Abstract ACEO Mixed Media Original, by Illustrarti

Thursday, 5 April 2012

More daisies! (And some anemones too.)

Daisy and Anemone Flower Loom Embellishments

Bunched daisies could be used on a hat, bag, cushion....
I've been considering selling these loom flowers for a while now. My Folksy shop has been leaning towards garden items, and I think these can fit in with that theme, so I've listed them.

I was experimenting with colour combinations and I realised that the best ones are the true colours you find together in nature. So I've got a selection of Anemone and Daisies. (I still can't get away from Daisies. I'll have a whole field of them in various forms in my shop soon.)

I've also decided, as I'm not the greatest at sewing, that I'll just add them to the Folksy Supplies section as embellishements and let people decide for themselves how to use them. I might come up with some items using them as decoration at a later date. I need to drag out the sewing machine and have a refresher session before that though. I'm sure that sewing machine doesn't like me. This might not be pretty.