Friday, 6 April 2012

Folksy Handmade - Abstract

I'll be honest, I'm not really sure what abstract means when it comes to art and design. Not officially anyway. I know what I personally think it is, and I've put together a collection of items based on my idea of abstract, which is something represented by shapes and colour in a loose way. You might have a different idea of what abstract is. There's probably loads of interpretations. But I hope you like my selections anyway.

The menu of shop links is below the gallery, and see a selection of the items on the Pinterest board using the Folksy Handmade link -

Top Row (Left to Right)
Abstract Kitty, by Blackoutwell
Abstract Woodland Aluminium Necklace, by Claire Gent Design
Modern Abstract Wood Wall Art, by Yellowboots Design

Middle Row (Left to Right)
Squares, Olive Green - Graphic Abstract Acrylic Print, by SkyBlueView Jewellery and Art
Glass and Wire Tree, Sarah Leeson Stained Glass
Porcelain and Glass Dish - Seawater, by seaurchin porcelain

Bottom Row (Left to Right)
Abstract Poppies Scarf, by Broomhead Designs
Abstract Glass Pendant, by Black Swan Glass Jewellery
Abstract ACEO Mixed Media Original, by Illustrarti

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  1. A beautiful collection of creations and a lovely theme.