Monday 19 March 2018

Landscape Magazine feature

March Edition of Landscape Magazine featuring my Rainbow Hedgehog dish

You can find this dish in my Etsy Shop as well as on my website

It's been a really busy start to 2018 so not much time to update this blog (I tend to be able to keep my Facebook page much more up to date with any new designs that I've made or had ideas for, so hop over there and give me a follow if you'd like to see more), but I just had to mention that my Rainbow Hedgehog dish has been featured in this month's Landscape Magazine :)

Tuesday 16 January 2018

New year, new idea.

Bee and Daisy Mini Framed Mosaic

As usual, when the new year comes around I tend to have an idea for something new. This time it's not so much new designs, but a new way of displaying them. So I've decided to add a few home decor, framed mosaics to the range. Still perfect gifts for wildlife lovers because most of the designs I frame will be my wildlife inspired ones that I've made for outdoor plaques, or onto bird baths. The first one was a mini bee with daisy, with a mosaic measuring 8cm x 8cm.

Hedgerow Bees Framed Mosaic

Decided to go a bit bigger for the next one and use a coloured frame rather than a plain one. The colour of the frame actually inspired which design I chose to put in it, which was the Hedgerow Bees with the soft pinks and whites of the flowers and the pale aqua blue sky complimenting the pastel blue frame with it's mosaic size of 19cm x 19cm.

Autumn Jewel Tree Mini Framed Mosaic

The latest design I've made is a miniature version of my Jewel Tree design. I chose the Autumn tree and added a tiny silver bird to it. As it's indoor use I can start adding some of these other embellishments that might not survive outdoors like the more robust mosaic. Keep an eye out for more of these framed designs because I'm finding them super fun to make so I can see a few more appearing in my shop soon.

Monday 30 October 2017

Unique Home or Garden Hanging Decorations

Three Bees and Nectar Bee hearts mosaic hanging decoration

I've also been making a selection of hanging decorations that can be used in the home or garden. Lots of bees and butterflies to brighten up a wall or fence. These bees all have iridescent wings that shine with metallic colours when the light catches them. There's the Nectar Bee heart with bumblebees heading towards a shining amber drop and the Three Bees have similar backgrounds to the hearts with a greens and pale pink Abstract Garden background, there's the creams and beige Honeycomb background and a turquoise ombre background on the Three Bees and shades of sky blues on the heart.

Cloud of Butterflies Mosaic Hanging Heart

There's also the Clouds of Butterflies hearts with iridescent, matt and translucent butterflies making lovely palettes of colour to hang in the home or garden.

Butterflies and Daisies Mosaic Hanging Decoration

More butterflies can be found on the Butterflies and Daisies decoration, with each daisy having a mini millefiori daisy at it's centre and the butterflies having iridescent wings.

Mini Holly Wreath and Winter Holly Hearts

And finally, as it's getting to that time of year, there's some Mini Holly Wreaths and some Holly Winter hearts all with iridescent, matt and traslucent leaves and raised red berries all on a cracked, icy white background.

New bird bath designs in stock

Top Left: Moroccan Garden bird bath / Top Right: Victorian Garden bird bath / Bottom Left: Herb Garden bird bath

Been busy making lots of new bird baths from old designs, but using new colours which are giving some really interesting finishes. Like this geometric pattern which is one of my oldest designs and I've named them all as the Garden design, but I've tried it out in three different palettes and it's given each one a completely different feel. The one using browns and creams has a Victorian tiled look, the blues are definitely a Moroccan pool, and the pale greens and purples has a definite formal herb garden look to it.

Beautiful Blue Sky and Bees in Blossom bird baths

The Beautiful Blue Sky bird bath with it's bees, dragonflies and butterflies, and the Bees in Blossom are both back in stock too. Both are like scenes of spring and summer reflecting in the water surface

Blue Bubble Sheep mosaic bird bath

The Blue Bubble Sheep design is back too.

Gypsy Rainbow mosaic bird bath

And finally a new colour palette for the Gypsy design and we've got the Gypsy Rainbow which has lovely soft, muted browns and greens working out to richer jade greens and a very deep sapphire blue border. A great design to add that splash of colour in the garden.

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Watery inspiration

Distortion Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

The two latest bird bath designs I've made both have water as their inspiration. The first one Distortion is inspired by the way water distorts tiles under the surface, creating wavy patterns that flicker around.

Fallen Leaves Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

The second design Fallen Leaves has an Autumn leaves design with them floating on the surface of the water that is reflecting a pale aqua, blue Autumn sky behind them.

Both great gifts for garden and wildlife lovers, or for a new home. And great for birds to use, and hedgehogs if the saucers are placed at ground level.

Monday 24 July 2017

Mini Hedgehog Hearts

Blue Hedgehog Heart (left) & Blue/Green Hedgehog Heart (right)

I'm currently offering two different colour versions of this 10cm mini Hedgehog Heart. The one on the left has an all pale blue background, and the one on the right has pale blue above the hedgehog and pale green below. Eventually I will decide which one will be the only colour version, but as the moment I'm seeing which one proves more popular. You can find both colour versions in my Etsy shop with full details and more photos.

Tuesday 20 June 2017

Busy, busy

The summer sunshine is finally here, and there's lots of people wanting mosaic bird baths and water dishes for their garden birds and hedgehogs. Which means I haven't had much time to add anything to this blog, unfortunately. The best way to find out what's new (and a lot of the time to get first chance to buy as well) is to come and find me on Facebook which I try and keep up to date. This is me

Friday 21 April 2017

The Lappy Cats are here!

Lappy Cats Mosaic Water Dishes
A new range of outdoor use water dishes called Lappy Cat with a mosaic design of a cat having a drink from the dish reflected in the water, including the tips of their paw where they would rest on the rim. These dishes can be used by your pampered puss, but they can also be used by bird and hedgehogs in your garden too. A fun way to add a splash of colour and to look after your garden wildlife too.

Thursday 23 March 2017

Des Res's for your Garden Birds

Butterfly & Blossom bird box / White Daisy Meadow bird box / Green Man bird box
There's a new range of the Mosaic Maison bird nest boxes in my shop. There are two robin/wren boxes with the open front which they prefer using. One has a Butterfly and Blossom design with two teeny Orange Tip butterflies and pink and white blossom flowers. The other has a Green Man to watch out over your garden while the protecting the chicks growing inside the box with a bit of extra insulation from the sun and wind. The other bird box is a 32mm hole which is suitable for blue tits (and other birds which are listed in the item description in my shop), and the blue tit was the inspiration for the colour palette for the White Daisy Meadow design with two blue butterflies, and the background and box are various shades of blue too.