Tuesday, 16 January 2018

New year, new idea.

Bee and Daisy Mini Framed Mosaic

As usual, when the new year comes around I tend to have an idea for something new. This time it's not so much new designs, but a new way of displaying them. So I've decided to add a few home decor, framed mosaics to the range. Still perfect gifts for wildlife lovers because most of the designs I frame will be my wildlife inspired ones that I've made for outdoor plaques, or onto bird baths. The first one was a mini bee with daisy, with a mosaic measuring 8cm x 8cm.

Hedgerow Bees Framed Mosaic

Decided to go a bit bigger for the next one and use a coloured frame rather than a plain one. The colour of the frame actually inspired which design I chose to put in it, which was the Hedgerow Bees with the soft pinks and whites of the flowers and the pale aqua blue sky complimenting the pastel blue frame with it's mosaic size of 19cm x 19cm.

Autumn Jewel Tree Mini Framed Mosaic

The latest design I've made is a miniature version of my Jewel Tree design. I chose the Autumn tree and added a tiny silver bird to it. As it's indoor use I can start adding some of these other embellishments that might not survive outdoors like the more robust mosaic. Keep an eye out for more of these framed designs because I'm finding them super fun to make so I can see a few more appearing in my shop soon.

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