Thursday, 19 February 2015

Bumblebees in Blossom Mosaic Hanging Heart

Large Bumblebees in Blossom Mosaic Hanging Heart

Mini Bumblebee in Blossom Mosaic Heart

I think spring is springing. I saw my first bumblebee of the year a few days ago and I got all inspired to make some hanging hearts using my mosaic bumblebees. Two sizes, large and mini, and both are made to commission. This is a bit different to made to order, because the made to order designs I have the materials set aside for so when the order comes in I can make straight away. With the made to commission designs, I may not have all the materials to make in stock so will order in anything I need. I'm running a Made to Commission album on Facebook, which will have all the designs in it with the sizes and use info, and the way to order anything in that album will be to message me on Facebook to let me know which on you're interested in, then I can send you a price and a making time too.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Little Lions Mosaic Garden Water Dishes

Little Lion and Little Lioness Mosaic Garden Water Dishes

These Little Lion, and Little Lioness water dishes were designed with the idea of leaving water out for outdoor cats. They can look into the dish and see themselves as a lion or lioness. The dishes are also perfect for leaving water out for birds, hedgehogs and all your other garden wildlife too.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Butterfly Love Mosaic Garden Bird Baths

 Butterfly Love Mosaic Garden Bird Baths (two tone hearts with hidden butterflies)
Butterfly Love Mosaic Garden Bird Bath (two tone hearts with hidden butterflies)

These two versions of a new design have a hidden secret. The design name, Butterfly Love, gives a clue. One way up the design is two tone rows of hearts, but turn the bird bath 180 degrees and the hearts become single colour rows of butterflies. Not everyone can see these butterflies, so if you can it's your secret. It comes in two colour palettes at the moment, the blues and greens, and the pastels.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Butterflies and Hearts Mosaic Water Dish

Blue Butterflies or Hearts Mosaic Garden Water Dish

This was spotted by one of my eagle eyed Facebook followers when I showed a work in progress shot of this dish. I was aiming for a neat pattern of butterflies in the base of this water dish, but she thought it was showing some upside down heart shapes. It is actually a reversible design, which is great. So you can either have Blue Butterflies, or Blue Hearts as your water dish decoration.


A couple of commissions that I've done recently. This first one was to design a new heart hanging strand with 3 insects on to match a butterfly set that the customer already had. I knew I'd put the bee and dragonflies on because I use them a lot in my work, but I had to create something new. So I made the ladybirds and painted on the fiddly decoration that I could never make with mosaic. They look great.

This second commission was for a door plaque to compliment the customers lovely stained glass door panel in her new house. Not something I usually do because I like to come up with completely unique to me designs. This was borrowing from another design. But I think I've put my own stamp on it with the leaf shape background.

Copper Verdigris Wirework Daisies Bird Nest Box

 Copper Verdigris Daisies Bird Nest Box

Sometimes, I like to do something a bit different from mosaic. I like to create effect and textures, which is sometimes hard to do with tiles. So, I make decorative wirework bird boxes. This one had a lovely brown wood stain on it already, so I thought a light whitewash would suit it, and I really wanted to make some daisy decorations that looked like they were made from copper and had the verdigris starting to happen on them. I think it turned out quite nicely.

Time To Update

January and February are my time to start getting some of the designs I've thought of in the Xmas run up created. There's no time to make anything new in those weeks before Christmas, but when I'm really busy that's when inspiration starts hitting. So I've got a scrappy bit of paper with a list of designs I want to make, and I've started working my way through them.

First up are these two updated version of designs I've made before. I wanted to try the Elements design with a black background as I've started to use black grout a bit on certain colour palettes. The idea was to have a super contrast of rainbow to make it look like sparkly layers of crystals in rock. Like diamond seems in coal.

The second updated design is the Fish Shoal. I've made this before just in blues and  greens, this time I wanted to add splashes of bright colour in, and what better to do that with than bright orange goldfish.