Thursday, 5 February 2015

Time To Update

January and February are my time to start getting some of the designs I've thought of in the Xmas run up created. There's no time to make anything new in those weeks before Christmas, but when I'm really busy that's when inspiration starts hitting. So I've got a scrappy bit of paper with a list of designs I want to make, and I've started working my way through them.

First up are these two updated version of designs I've made before. I wanted to try the Elements design with a black background as I've started to use black grout a bit on certain colour palettes. The idea was to have a super contrast of rainbow to make it look like sparkly layers of crystals in rock. Like diamond seems in coal.

The second updated design is the Fish Shoal. I've made this before just in blues and  greens, this time I wanted to add splashes of bright colour in, and what better to do that with than bright orange goldfish.

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