Thursday, 30 August 2012

Christmas (excuse the French) Decorations

I know it's a bit of a swear word this early in the year, but I've been persuaded by all the other Christmas items that are starting to be listed, and I've listed these lanterns that I blogged about recently, and these three new things. Mind you, they all could be used as decoraton in the home at any time of year, so that makes me feel a bit better about putting them on in August.

The first thing is this mirror with it's hand painted Scandinavian Folk style design on the tiles. The mosaic tiles are white and finished with a white grout. Then mirror frame wood has been painted white which gives it a lovely shabby chic effect. To tie the mirror into your Christmas decoration scheme it comes with two matching mosaic baubles for use on the tree, or wherever you like.

The next item is this mosaic star. I really wanted a shiney, warm star, so I created my own colour palette by hand-painting tiles with a combination of cherry red, magenta, orange, and gold. Then I've overpainted the grout with gold paint and painted the sides and reverse of the star gold too, so it can be hung to be viewed from any angle. If you have twinkling lights in the house at christmas, and you place this star close to them, the gold should reflect it and make the star twinkle too.

The last thing is this set of 3 mosaic baubles. These were designed to bring Christmas to your garden. I love stained glass, but it would be a bit fragile in the winter winds. So I've made a stained glass effect with mosaic. I've handpainted some tiles to create the palette I wanted, and then I've overpainted the grout with black to create a matt background to resemble metal, and to make the tile colours shine out even more. I think these would look fab hanging near a window in the garden, or in a porch.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Folksy Handmade - Gallery

A Folksy Gallery.
This is just a selection of the fantastic paintings, photography, and prints that can be found on Folksy. I've picked out images and paintings that have caught my eye, but there are loads more to choose from. Judging by what I've picked I think I have a liking for bright colour, and pictures with lots of interest in them. Whatever your taste, you're bound to find something that would look great on your wall. You could even create a gallery on a wall at home.

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Dots Card and Suncatcher Lanterns

This suncatcher / bookmark has a design that started out with me trying to create a stylised, 'out of focus' flower garden picture. That then evolved to using dots of colour, which I then decided looked great in uniform rows.

I've also started thinking about what Christmas items I might stock in my shop. While I've been making the suncatchers I had a thought about making them into lanterns. This started as an idea for me because I needed some hanging decorations that couldn't be broken, since we've taken on two pretty boisterous kittens and there won't be a tree, or any lights with wires hanging down to sockets this year in this house. (They've already had one lamp off of the mantlepiece.) So suncatcher lanterns which can be hung from string in the window, out of reach, and have the natural light lighting them up, and no wires, seemed like a good solution. I've used the dots pattern to create the suncatcher lanterns because they have a slightly psychedelic look when the dot colours merge as you look through, which appeals to me as a vintage lover. You could use these lanterns any time of year, and even in the garden if you were having a party or a BBQ in the daylight.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Viola Flowers Bookmark / Suncatcher Blank Card

Viola Flowers Bookmark / Suncatcher Hand Painted Greeting Card

This is the third in my Bookmark / Suncatcher card series, where the card design can be removed and used as a gift suncatcher, or bookmark. Continuing with the garden / nature / wildlife theme that I try and stick to in my shops, this one has a design of three viola flowers, hand painted in deep rich blue and golden yellow which are really intense when the light shines through them. A great, unique card/gift for a gardener, or flower lover, avid book reader, or just anyone who likes something a bit different.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Folksy Handmade - Transparent Colour

I love transparent things. Using light to naturally brighten and heighten the colour, or using the transparency to be able to look into the design gives it a new dimension. So for this Folksy Friday I have put together a collection of things that use this effect.

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Monday, 13 August 2012

Goldfish Pond Bookmark / Suncatcher Blank Card

This is the 2nd design in my new range of Bookmark / Suncatcher cards where the central design can be slid out and used as a bookmark, or mini suncatcher making the card a gift as well. I do like orange and blue together as a combination. The darkness of the blue, makes the orange goldfish even brighter. Each of the bands of water are edged with a slightly raised clear outline, then they are hand painted with mixtures of blues and greens to create a watery effect.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Flowers Suncatcher / Bookmark Greeting Card

This is the start of a new range for me. I was thinking of expanding my shop ranges to be a one stop gift shop for wildlife lovers, garden lovers, and gardeners. In that train of thought I've come up with a card that is a gift in itself. The central design can be slid out of the card to be used as a bookmark or a suncatcher as it's been handpainted onto clear acetate. I've adapted the card so when the bookmark / suncatcher is held in it the flowers match up with the windows which let the light right through and light up the translucent flowers giving a really nice, bright effect. The bookmark / suncatcher has a small tassel that overhangs at the top of the card encouraging the recipient to pull their 'extra' gift out. I've already got some wool gift bows that can be used as embellishments after their present wrapping use, so these cards follow that double-use theme nicely. More designs to come, so follow me on Facebook or Twitter to get notifications of new stock.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Folksy Handmade - Flowers

I'm in the process of making a new range for my shop of cards that are also gifts. They will probably be garden/wildlife inspired, to fit in with my other shop items, and have a handpainted design that can be removed at the end of the card's use to use as a bookmark or a suncatcher as the design is transparent. This is the first (nearly) completed card with three rudbekia flowers. The colours of these flowers have inspired this week's Folksy Friday. I love yellow, orange, and magenta as a colour combination. It's warm and vibrant at the same time. So I've picked a few more fab flowers to make up this collection.

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