Saturday, 11 August 2012

Flowers Suncatcher / Bookmark Greeting Card

This is the start of a new range for me. I was thinking of expanding my shop ranges to be a one stop gift shop for wildlife lovers, garden lovers, and gardeners. In that train of thought I've come up with a card that is a gift in itself. The central design can be slid out of the card to be used as a bookmark or a suncatcher as it's been handpainted onto clear acetate. I've adapted the card so when the bookmark / suncatcher is held in it the flowers match up with the windows which let the light right through and light up the translucent flowers giving a really nice, bright effect. The bookmark / suncatcher has a small tassel that overhangs at the top of the card encouraging the recipient to pull their 'extra' gift out. I've already got some wool gift bows that can be used as embellishments after their present wrapping use, so these cards follow that double-use theme nicely. More designs to come, so follow me on Facebook or Twitter to get notifications of new stock.

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