Thursday, 30 August 2012

Christmas (excuse the French) Decorations

I know it's a bit of a swear word this early in the year, but I've been persuaded by all the other Christmas items that are starting to be listed, and I've listed these lanterns that I blogged about recently, and these three new things. Mind you, they all could be used as decoraton in the home at any time of year, so that makes me feel a bit better about putting them on in August.

The first thing is this mirror with it's hand painted Scandinavian Folk style design on the tiles. The mosaic tiles are white and finished with a white grout. Then mirror frame wood has been painted white which gives it a lovely shabby chic effect. To tie the mirror into your Christmas decoration scheme it comes with two matching mosaic baubles for use on the tree, or wherever you like.

The next item is this mosaic star. I really wanted a shiney, warm star, so I created my own colour palette by hand-painting tiles with a combination of cherry red, magenta, orange, and gold. Then I've overpainted the grout with gold paint and painted the sides and reverse of the star gold too, so it can be hung to be viewed from any angle. If you have twinkling lights in the house at christmas, and you place this star close to them, the gold should reflect it and make the star twinkle too.

The last thing is this set of 3 mosaic baubles. These were designed to bring Christmas to your garden. I love stained glass, but it would be a bit fragile in the winter winds. So I've made a stained glass effect with mosaic. I've handpainted some tiles to create the palette I wanted, and then I've overpainted the grout with black to create a matt background to resemble metal, and to make the tile colours shine out even more. I think these would look fab hanging near a window in the garden, or in a porch.

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