Thursday, 23 August 2012

Dots Card and Suncatcher Lanterns

This suncatcher / bookmark has a design that started out with me trying to create a stylised, 'out of focus' flower garden picture. That then evolved to using dots of colour, which I then decided looked great in uniform rows.

I've also started thinking about what Christmas items I might stock in my shop. While I've been making the suncatchers I had a thought about making them into lanterns. This started as an idea for me because I needed some hanging decorations that couldn't be broken, since we've taken on two pretty boisterous kittens and there won't be a tree, or any lights with wires hanging down to sockets this year in this house. (They've already had one lamp off of the mantlepiece.) So suncatcher lanterns which can be hung from string in the window, out of reach, and have the natural light lighting them up, and no wires, seemed like a good solution. I've used the dots pattern to create the suncatcher lanterns because they have a slightly psychedelic look when the dot colours merge as you look through, which appeals to me as a vintage lover. You could use these lanterns any time of year, and even in the garden if you were having a party or a BBQ in the daylight.

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