Saturday, 7 September 2013

Nature's Palette

I haven't done one of these for ages. This collection from was inspired by the photo of the Peacock Butterfly that I found on Folksy by accident. But the colours were so perfect, I thought I'd make a Folksy Finds Pinterest board around it. Click on the pic to visit the shop for more info.

Fairisle Blanket Thistledown
Lilac Mist Cable Knitted Cushion
Daisy Beth
Splatter Beads in Polymer Clay

Lacy Lilac Crochet Scarf
Kent Crafts
Lilac Tree Enamel Brooch
Katie Johnston
La Paon Du Jour Photography Print
Saltmarsh and Samphire

Lilac Wrapped Lampwork Beads
Lampwork Beads by Jo
Lavender Giclee Print
Bee Heart Mosaic Ornament

Tan Leather Cufflinks
Joanna Parkin
Magical Tree Wall Art
Art You Wear
Lavender Fields Textile Picture
Busy Blue Cat

Hand Dyed Pima Cotton Boucle
Piranha Agate Pendant
Lavender Sampler Greetings Cards x 3

Wee Scotty- Purple & Orange Check
Paper Flower Origami Corsage
Lily Belle Keepsakes
Tortoiseshell Butterfly Candle Holder
Toasted Glass

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Purple Butterfly Slate Garden Decoration

Purple Butterfly Slate Garden Decoration

I've adapted part of the Butterfly Bird Bath design to use it as a mosaic decoration on this purple slate paddlestone. These paddlestones are great as they are usually slightly slanted so the iridescent tiles used for the butterfly's wings catch the light and shine with metallic magenta, blue and gold. The circle is made with a pale lavender / lilac tile to compliment the slate and the butterfly.

It's a lovely garden ornament that can be used all year round, but it would also make a lovely ornament for the home too. Or even a fancy paperweight for a desk.