Friday, 6 December 2013

Three Fish Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Three Fish Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Half designed as a bird bath. But also half designed with summer bbqs in mind. This saucer with it's three fish design is a great practical and decorative bird bath for the garden. But you could also use it in the summer when dining al fresco. I could see this saucer holding the condiments at a bbq. Or with water in and with floating candles in it on the garden table as a table decoration. It's up to you how you use it.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Rose Garden Ripple Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Rose Garden Ripple Mosaic Garden Bird Bath
Rose Garden Circular Abstract Mosaic Bird Bath

I made a circular abstract design bird bath with a tile palette made to represent a rose garden. I've decided I like that palette so much I've made an addition to the ripple bird bath range out of it too. Rose Garden Ripple uses the same soft greens, blue-greys, purples and rose pinks, and has the same lovely muted feel to it. It would look great in any style of garden. Pop over to my shop to see more pics of both designs.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Three Orange Butterflies Jade Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Three Orange Butterflies Jade Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

The butterflies on this bird bath have iridescent wings that shine with metallic magenta and gold when the light catches them. With the two shades of jade making up the background it gives this bird bath a very exotic look. The colours also remind me of vintage fabric like William Morris, or Liberty. It's a lovely bird bath that would fit into any style of garden.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Rose Garden Mosaic Bird Bath

Rose Garden Mosaic Bird Bath

Sometimes you just need a simple design to show something off. I wanted to collect a group of tiles to represent a rose garden. When I'd decided which ones to use they looked so good just randomly placed next to each other on my desk I thought why not put them into a simple random design in the bird bath. This circular design matches the soft, calm palette and just gently draws your eye around. It's a great bird bath for some muted colour in the garden.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Relaunched Moonlight Ripple Garden Bird Bath

Moonlight Ripple Bird Bath

I put a new tile order in to my suppliers recently and discovered some new tile colours were available. A couple of them were just perfect for my Moonlight Ripple Bird Bath. I had changed the colour combination on this bird bath since the original design due to some colours being discontinued, but these new colours meant I could go back to the design being a deep blue. So I've jiggled some of the ripples around, removed a couple, added a new border colour and this is the result. Much more night sky, and moonlit water.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Mint Green Gingham Vintage Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Mint Green Gingham Vintage Mosaic Bird Bath

Something a bit different with this bird bath. I wanted a cottage, rustic, vintage, look. So I made a mint green gingham mosaic design, then I painted the rim and sides of the saucer and rubbed it back to give a distressed finish. The end design has a really nice soft vintage look to it.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Rambling Roses Bird Box

Rambling Roses Bird Nest Box

Another wirework decorated box this time with roses on a tangled stem called Rambling Roses. The wire has been painted dusky pink on the roses and a copper rust colour on the stems. The bird box is a lovely pastel mint shade.

Nature for You

Rose Garden Bag Charm
Beautiful Berries Bag Charm
Riot of Roses Bag Charm

I've opened a new section on my website called Nature for You. I'm going to use it to create nature and wildlife inspired items that could be given as gifts to wildife, or garden lovers, or as a gift to yourself. The first items added are three bag charms that were inspired by the colours of the beads used.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Wired Bird Boxes

Rambling Rose Bird Box

Daisy Chain Bird Box

I love hand decorating with paint. Adding effects and creating patterns. I also like creating and engineering things. So as I've got the tools to use wire for my jewellery it seemed like a good idea to find a way to add some wire to the bird boxes to create a raised effect to the designs. I really like the finished look. Especially as I've got some special paint that is suitable to outdoor use that I can use to create even more effects on the wire. For these two bird boxes I've created a rusty copper look to the wire. Practical for the birds, and decorative for the garden. A perfect combination.

Seed Head Bird Box

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Nature's Palette

I haven't done one of these for ages. This collection from was inspired by the photo of the Peacock Butterfly that I found on Folksy by accident. But the colours were so perfect, I thought I'd make a Folksy Finds Pinterest board around it. Click on the pic to visit the shop for more info.

Fairisle Blanket Thistledown
Lilac Mist Cable Knitted Cushion
Daisy Beth
Splatter Beads in Polymer Clay

Lacy Lilac Crochet Scarf
Kent Crafts
Lilac Tree Enamel Brooch
Katie Johnston
La Paon Du Jour Photography Print
Saltmarsh and Samphire

Lilac Wrapped Lampwork Beads
Lampwork Beads by Jo
Lavender Giclee Print
Bee Heart Mosaic Ornament

Tan Leather Cufflinks
Joanna Parkin
Magical Tree Wall Art
Art You Wear
Lavender Fields Textile Picture
Busy Blue Cat

Hand Dyed Pima Cotton Boucle
Piranha Agate Pendant
Lavender Sampler Greetings Cards x 3

Wee Scotty- Purple & Orange Check
Paper Flower Origami Corsage
Lily Belle Keepsakes
Tortoiseshell Butterfly Candle Holder
Toasted Glass

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Purple Butterfly Slate Garden Decoration

Purple Butterfly Slate Garden Decoration

I've adapted part of the Butterfly Bird Bath design to use it as a mosaic decoration on this purple slate paddlestone. These paddlestones are great as they are usually slightly slanted so the iridescent tiles used for the butterfly's wings catch the light and shine with metallic magenta, blue and gold. The circle is made with a pale lavender / lilac tile to compliment the slate and the butterfly.

It's a lovely garden ornament that can be used all year round, but it would also make a lovely ornament for the home too. Or even a fancy paperweight for a desk.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Three Blue Butterflies Stone Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Three Blue Butterflies Stone Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

I've been wanting to do something with some iridescent blue tiles I've had for a while, but I couldn't think of a design that would do them justice. But, since I've come up with the Three series of designs which has Bee and Dragonfly in it, Butterfly was an obvious choice for using these tiles as wings. The rest of bird bath design has circles of light aqua blue on a stone grey background tiles. A really fresh contemporary look that would actually suit any style of garden.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Three Dragonflies Jade Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Three Dragonflies Jade Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

After creating the Three Bees bird bath design, I decided to make one using a dragonfly mosaic design that I've used in the past on slate garden ornaments. I had some really nice green iridescent tiles that I wanted to use for the wings, so I created the Three Dragonfly palette around those tiles using other shades of green, including mint, and jade to tie it all together. The resulting pattern is very relaxing on the eye, like the bee design is. The muted colours, circles, and flowing design all help create the relaxing feel to the bird bath. The circles also have the look of a stained glass window too, which is also very pleasing on the eye. I really like this design. I hope you do too.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Three Bee Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Three Bees Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

This latest bird bath design has come about through me wanting to use my bumblebee mosaic within a bird bath design. And wanting the design to have a slight fabric style to it. So the result is this Three Bee design. It's a very calming design with the colours used, and the circles, and flow of the design drawing the eye around it. It would make a great gift for anyone with a wildlife garden.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Dragonfly Reflection Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Dragonfly Reflection Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Dragonfly Reflection Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

I've been wanting to do a bird bath design with a dragonfly for a while, but I've been trying to think how to do it so it didn't look like the dragonfly was under the water. Then it came to me that you get really good reflections on still water. So this design represents a dragonfly that has landed on some rushes next to a still pool and the scene is being reflected onto the surface. 

The dragonfly has jade iridescent tiles for the wings, so in some light angles it slightly blends into it's surroundings, which a real dragonfly would do. But when the light angle catches the iridescence the wings shine with metallic gold and magenta.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Slate Shades Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Slate Shades Mosaic Garden Bird Bath
Iridecent tile detail 

This Slate Shades bird bath design came about after I was playing with tiles to come up with a new colour palette. I knew I wanted to do a simple linear design, and these tile colours reminded me of slate colours, so the idea was that it would be as if the bird bath was made with slices of different colours of slate. To add interest to the design there is a line of iridescent tiles that have purple and blue metallic colours that match the design. A nice simple, modern pattern that would suit any style of garden.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Aqua & Apple Heart Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Aqua & Apple Heart Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

A new design added to my website today. This Aqua & Apple Green Heart is a lovely, simple design, which uses quite muted colours, but it has a clean contemporary look that is very effective, and would suit any style garden. If you love your garden birds, this could be the bird bath for you.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Mosaic Garden Water Lily Pond Bird Baths

Jade & Pink Water Lily Bird Bath
Blue & White Water Lily Bird Bath

It's been a very busy July, and I've been selling out of a lot of designs without a chance to make more up. But, at the moment I'm writing this blog post, both of the water lily pond colourways - Blue & White / Jade & Pink - are both back in stock. For now. So if you've got your eye on one....... : )

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Jade Water Lily Pond Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Jade Water Lily Pond Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

I've been experimenting with colour palettes on my Water Lily Pond bird bath design and I've come up with a combination of matt and iridescent pastel pink with orange centres, and a jade green background made with two close shades just to give a tiny variation. It's got a lovely calm feel to it. 

I think it would suit it to any style of garden too. I could see it in a cottage garden, or in a more contemporry one too.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Waterlily Mosaic Pond Garden Bird Bath

Waterlily Mosaic Pond Garden Bird Bath

Another new, but old, design added to stock. I've 
made a lot of fish pond bird baths. But this time I've decided to leave the goldfish out and make a waterlily pond so I've filled the gaps with a couple of extra waterlily flowers, and lily pads. I've made one of the waterlily flowers in a peach/pink colour as some waterlilies change colour as the flowers get older. I've also used a lighter blue for the background this time. I think it's worked well. The iridescent tiles in the lily pads, and the pink flower add extra interest to the design.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Bee Heart Mosaic Garden Decoration

Bee Heart Mosaic Garden Decoration

Bee Heart Mosaic Garden Decoration

This garden ornament is great for anyone that loves bees. The mosaic heart has a pale lilac background, and is edged with lavender. The reverse is painted purple to match. The mosaic bee has iridescent wings that shine with metallic gold and magenta, and there are two translucent amber glass gems finishing the design.

To complete the bee-lover package, this ornament comes with a mini packet of seeds for a plant whose flowers are good for attracting bees to the garden. You could even hang this decoration near the plants to create a bee corner.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Peacock Splash and Verdant Ripple

Peacock Splash Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Another couple of bird bath designs added to stock today. Both old designs using new colours. The first design is the Splash pattern, which I have made this time with shades of greens, and slatey blues. I've called it Peacock Splash, because the combined colours and the pattern remind me of a peacock's feathers when it's displaying.

Verdant Ripple Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

The second design is a new version of the Verdant Ripple pattern. Not too much has changed in this one colourwise, but I've moved the position of the ripples around a bit, and the border is slightly lighter in this version. This will be the final design of this pattern which I will offer as a Custom Make, I think.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mediterranean Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Mediterranean Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

The first design in a series of new ones to be added to my website and shops in the next few weeks. This one has a geometric pattern made using shades of blue, turquoise and green giving the design a Mediterranean feel. The grey grout used brings the colours together and gives a lovely aged effect too. It's a perfect garden decoration, as well as being useful for the birds and other wildlife too.