Thursday, 28 February 2013

Summer Garden Suncatcher Cards

Magenta Foxgloves Suncatcher Card
Blue Delphinium Suncatcher Card
Wildflowers Suncatcher Card

Set of 3 Summer Garden Suncatcher Cards

Another set of Suncatcher Cards has been added to my website. This set of 3 has a selection of summer garden borders. There's a wildflower border with poppies, cornflowers, and daisies. Another border including magenta foxgloves, and white cowslip. And the final border has blue delphinium, pink echinacea, and orange rudbeckia. They are designed to be displayed with the light shining through them so the translucent paint used lights up and brightens the design. They would make great birthday cards for gardeners, or just as a general card to brighten someone's day. Unique, traditional, and contemporary at the same time.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Folksy Handmade - Practical Mothers Day Flowers

Ditsy Daisy Flower & Mug Set

Following on from my practical flowers selection for Valentine's Day, I've decided to do a practical flowers selection for Mother's Day (which is only 2 weeks away now). Things with flowers on that can be used whenever you want, a perfect, and longer lasting, alternative to a bunch of flowers.

Too narrow it down a bit, because there was so much to choose from, I've gone for a colour palette that matches my new mug and flower pot set. There's some fab things here, so if you're not buying for Mother's Day, how about just treating yourself? And all of these things would make great gifts at any time of year for a flower lover.

Click on the pics to visit the shops for more details on each item.

Flower Power Retro Cushion Cover
Retro Sixty Eight
Paisley Brooch
Buttercup Boutique
Felt and Stitch Brooch
Lettuceleaf Handmade

Large Felted Flower Brooch Rose
Tamsyn G
Flower Glass Pendant & Earrings
The Little Laser Shop
Real Pressed Flower Heart Pendant
Because of Annie

Make Up Bag Linen
Kirstie's Allsorts
Iris Flower Jewellery Box
One Off Woodcraft
Pink Flower Miniature Canvas
The Small Art Company

Pocket Moleskin Notebook Lillies
Jacqui Dodds
iPhone Case Flowers
Personalised Cushion and Play Mats
Sweetpea Photo Frame
Dew Drop Crafts

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ditsy Daisy Mug and Flower Pot Set

Blue and Yellow Ditsy Daisy Mug and Plant Pot Set

I had the idea for this Ditsy Daisy set after I wanted to put together a set as a gift for a gardener which would include a handpainted mug. Actually, this set could be used by anyone, anywhere. You could put the pot on the kitchen table with a house plant in it, and drink your tea at the table with the paper. Or you could put something like a geranium, or a small strawberry plant in the pot and use it outdoors on a garden table where you can sip your tea in the sunshine.

Purple and Orange Ditsy Daisy Mug and Plant Pot Set

It would still make a great gift for a gardener, with it's daisy flower design that I designed to have the look of a stylised flower border. The set currently comes in two colour versions. One with blue, yellow, mint, and lime flowers. The other has  magenta, orange, purple, and mint daisies. The design has a vintage feel to it with it's ditsy flowers, but it's also got a very contemporary look with the design being restricted to a band of colour. It would suit lovers of traditional. or modern. So, everyone.

Friday, 15 February 2013

National Nest Box Week

Mosaic Bird Box

Did you know we are in National Nest Box Week? 14th - 21st Feb. Time to put up a nest box to help the birds out, if you can. Here's the official NNBW page - apparently last year was the worst breeding season on record. Probably because of the odd weather we had. Putting up a nest box, and providing food and water during the breeding season, and beyond, are all going to help. If you haven't got room for a bird box, a bird bath or feeder are going to help keep the breeding birds in top condition when they are busy collectiong food for the young.

Mosaic Bird Box

I'm not an obsessive bird watcher, by any means. In fact if the weather's no good I'm not going out anywhere. But I like that I can help my garden birds by just putting a nail up and hanging a box up. Filling a saucer for water. And popping a few fat balls, and peanuts in a feeder will see them alright if times get a bit tough. It's very easy. And a free wild bird display to watch out of the kitchen window while I'm washing up. Win win.

Pop over to my website to see the latest bird bath designs I have in stock, as well as the mosaic bird boxes. They are great in a garden because they are decorative as well as practical. So you can enjoy looking at them as well the birds enjoying using them

Purple Chrysanthemum Flower Mosaic Bird Bath

Purple Chrysanthemum Flower Mosaic Bird Bath
Purple Chrysanthemum Bird Bath

This is the latest addition to my bird bath range. The Purple Chrysanthemum Flower Mosaic Bird Bath. It's a design I've made before, but this time I've used graduating colours in the petals going from dark plum inner petals, to lilac outer ones. I really like the effect that it gives.

Ditsy Daisy Suncatcher Cards

Blue and Yellow Ditsy Suncatcher
Blue and Yellow Daisy Card
Pink and Orange Ditsy Suncatcher

Pink and Orange Ditsy Daisy Suncatcher Card

Back in stock for Spring, these suncatcher cards are designed to let the sun shine through the handpainted ditsy daisy design, making it light up and spread colourful shadows.The design has a vintage fabric look, and is available in Pink and Orange, or Blue and Yellow versions. Something a bit different and perfect for brightening the recipients day.

Folksy Handmade - Green

Mosaic Daisy Pot Cane Toppers

Today's Folksy Friday is a simple one, celebrating the colour green. I don't think anyone can dislike green as a colour because there are so many shades to choose from. The yellowy end, to the dark nearly black end, with all the bluey, and pastel, and bright shades in between. Lime, fern, moss, bright, spring, jade, sea, forest, emerald, pistachio, mint, willow, apple........ What's your favourite?

Click on the pic to go to the shops for more details and pics on any of the fab items included below -

Green Butterfly Cuff Bracelet
Green Elephant Cushion
Hunkydory Home
Pastel Green Clock
JML Pottery

Lime Shaped Coasters
Pistachio Green Clutch Bag
Emma England
Alphabet Green Linocut Print

24 Bright Green Vintage Buttons
Bead String Emerald Mix
Different Shades

Green Twin Book
Sollas Bookbinding
Green Apple
Wooly Duck
Slim Teardrop Pendant in Kiwi
DesignE Jewellery by Norman Eames

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Grow Your Own Accessories

Mosaic Daisy Plant Pot Cane Toppers
Mosaic Daisy Plant Pot Cane Topper

I'm going daisy mad this year with my new items. Following in from my new daisy bird bath colour version, I've now got these decorative daisy plant pots that can also be used as cane toppers. I have always wanted to try and glam up the veg bed a bit. It looks nice when all the plants are in flower, but sometimes it all goes a bit green and flat looking. So this year I am making a proper effort to get some decorative items that can be used to add colour and interest in the veg bed. But, if you haven't got a veg bed, they can always be used as cane toppers in the flower border. Or just left empty and put in amongst other pots as a feature. There are loads of uses for them. And you're getting a pair, so twice the fun of deciding what to do with them.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Folksy Handmade - Mother's Day Custom Makes

Pastel Daisy Mosaic Bird Bath
Did you know that Mother's Day is a full 2 weeks earlier this year than last year? 10th March this year, 25th last year. I know a lot of people like to wait for the actual month that an event falls in to buy their present, but as it's so early this year, it may need planning a bit earlier than usual. A lot of my designs are Custom Makes and they are quite popular Mother's Day gifts. There are a lot more Folksy shops who Custom Make too. So for this week's Folksy Friday I have a selection of possible Mother's Day gifts that are Custom Makes. The sooner you order, the longer the seller will have to make and send, and you'll receive the perfect Mother's Day gift in plenty of time to make your mum's day.

Click on the pics for all the details and more pictures.

Vintage Fabric Retro Bag
Audrey's Cat
Ladies Mohair Scarf
Single Butterfly Necklace
Contemporary Jewellery Jane Douglas

Hand Painted Glass Photo Frame
ARP Glass Designs
Wool Yarn Hand Thrown Bowl
Porcelain 'Birdy' Mug
Caroline Nash Crafts

Custom 3 Bars Handmade Soap Set
Zesty Soap
Unique Wirework Cuff Bracelet
Kian Designs
Mothers Day Card
Lizzie Loves