Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Grow Your Own Accessories

Mosaic Daisy Plant Pot Cane Toppers
Mosaic Daisy Plant Pot Cane Topper

I'm going daisy mad this year with my new items. Following in from my new daisy bird bath colour version, I've now got these decorative daisy plant pots that can also be used as cane toppers. I have always wanted to try and glam up the veg bed a bit. It looks nice when all the plants are in flower, but sometimes it all goes a bit green and flat looking. So this year I am making a proper effort to get some decorative items that can be used to add colour and interest in the veg bed. But, if you haven't got a veg bed, they can always be used as cane toppers in the flower border. Or just left empty and put in amongst other pots as a feature. There are loads of uses for them. And you're getting a pair, so twice the fun of deciding what to do with them.

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