Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ditsy Daisy Mug and Flower Pot Set

Blue and Yellow Ditsy Daisy Mug and Plant Pot Set

I had the idea for this Ditsy Daisy set after I wanted to put together a set as a gift for a gardener which would include a handpainted mug. Actually, this set could be used by anyone, anywhere. You could put the pot on the kitchen table with a house plant in it, and drink your tea at the table with the paper. Or you could put something like a geranium, or a small strawberry plant in the pot and use it outdoors on a garden table where you can sip your tea in the sunshine.

Purple and Orange Ditsy Daisy Mug and Plant Pot Set

It would still make a great gift for a gardener, with it's daisy flower design that I designed to have the look of a stylised flower border. The set currently comes in two colour versions. One with blue, yellow, mint, and lime flowers. The other has  magenta, orange, purple, and mint daisies. The design has a vintage feel to it with it's ditsy flowers, but it's also got a very contemporary look with the design being restricted to a band of colour. It would suit lovers of traditional. or modern. So, everyone.

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