Thursday, 28 February 2013

Summer Garden Suncatcher Cards

Magenta Foxgloves Suncatcher Card
Blue Delphinium Suncatcher Card
Wildflowers Suncatcher Card

Set of 3 Summer Garden Suncatcher Cards

Another set of Suncatcher Cards has been added to my website. This set of 3 has a selection of summer garden borders. There's a wildflower border with poppies, cornflowers, and daisies. Another border including magenta foxgloves, and white cowslip. And the final border has blue delphinium, pink echinacea, and orange rudbeckia. They are designed to be displayed with the light shining through them so the translucent paint used lights up and brightens the design. They would make great birthday cards for gardeners, or just as a general card to brighten someone's day. Unique, traditional, and contemporary at the same time.

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