Friday, 15 February 2013

National Nest Box Week

Mosaic Bird Box

Did you know we are in National Nest Box Week? 14th - 21st Feb. Time to put up a nest box to help the birds out, if you can. Here's the official NNBW page - apparently last year was the worst breeding season on record. Probably because of the odd weather we had. Putting up a nest box, and providing food and water during the breeding season, and beyond, are all going to help. If you haven't got room for a bird box, a bird bath or feeder are going to help keep the breeding birds in top condition when they are busy collectiong food for the young.

Mosaic Bird Box

I'm not an obsessive bird watcher, by any means. In fact if the weather's no good I'm not going out anywhere. But I like that I can help my garden birds by just putting a nail up and hanging a box up. Filling a saucer for water. And popping a few fat balls, and peanuts in a feeder will see them alright if times get a bit tough. It's very easy. And a free wild bird display to watch out of the kitchen window while I'm washing up. Win win.

Pop over to my website to see the latest bird bath designs I have in stock, as well as the mosaic bird boxes. They are great in a garden because they are decorative as well as practical. So you can enjoy looking at them as well the birds enjoying using them

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