Friday, 8 February 2013

Folksy Handmade - Mother's Day Custom Makes

Pastel Daisy Mosaic Bird Bath
Did you know that Mother's Day is a full 2 weeks earlier this year than last year? 10th March this year, 25th last year. I know a lot of people like to wait for the actual month that an event falls in to buy their present, but as it's so early this year, it may need planning a bit earlier than usual. A lot of my designs are Custom Makes and they are quite popular Mother's Day gifts. There are a lot more Folksy shops who Custom Make too. So for this week's Folksy Friday I have a selection of possible Mother's Day gifts that are Custom Makes. The sooner you order, the longer the seller will have to make and send, and you'll receive the perfect Mother's Day gift in plenty of time to make your mum's day.

Click on the pics for all the details and more pictures.

Vintage Fabric Retro Bag
Audrey's Cat
Ladies Mohair Scarf
Single Butterfly Necklace
Contemporary Jewellery Jane Douglas

Hand Painted Glass Photo Frame
ARP Glass Designs
Wool Yarn Hand Thrown Bowl
Porcelain 'Birdy' Mug
Caroline Nash Crafts

Custom 3 Bars Handmade Soap Set
Zesty Soap
Unique Wirework Cuff Bracelet
Kian Designs
Mothers Day Card
Lizzie Loves


  1. Lovely collection of gifts! Thanks for featuring my cuff bracelet!

  2. Beautiful gift ideas ! thanks so much for including me x