Thursday, 13 June 2013

Peacock Splash and Verdant Ripple

Peacock Splash Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Another couple of bird bath designs added to stock today. Both old designs using new colours. The first design is the Splash pattern, which I have made this time with shades of greens, and slatey blues. I've called it Peacock Splash, because the combined colours and the pattern remind me of a peacock's feathers when it's displaying.

Verdant Ripple Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

The second design is a new version of the Verdant Ripple pattern. Not too much has changed in this one colourwise, but I've moved the position of the ripples around a bit, and the border is slightly lighter in this version. This will be the final design of this pattern which I will offer as a Custom Make, I think.

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