Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bees and Dragonflies

It's been very busy over the last few weeks. I reckon the change in weather to something looking a bit more like summer has got people thinking more about their gardens. Or it could be the Springwatch effect, which gets people thinking more about their garden birds. My own garden birds have been using my bird baths daily. I usually have to top them up in the evening so they've got water for the next day's bathing.

Had a nice order from a garden designer that was making a Japanese themed garden. I hadn't made the bird baths she chose with a Japanese pattern in mind, but when I put them together ready to pack them I could see why she chose them. Funny how different people see different things. Interesting too. I've also been working on a commission for a museum shop in The Highlands. They're now stocking a nice selection of bees and dragonflies. The lady that ordered them was so happy with them that she was the first purchaser of a slate. That's a compliment.

The selection in my shops is a bit low now, so I'm currently working on topping up with a few new designs. Keep an eye on JoSara.co.uk for them being added very soon. And be quick if you like any of them. They aren't hanging around long at the moment, and some of the designs may well be one offs.

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