Monday, 30 October 2017

New bird bath designs in stock

Top Left: Moroccan Garden bird bath / Top Right: Victorian Garden bird bath / Bottom Left: Herb Garden bird bath

Been busy making lots of new bird baths from old designs, but using new colours which are giving some really interesting finishes. Like this geometric pattern which is one of my oldest designs and I've named them all as the Garden design, but I've tried it out in three different palettes and it's given each one a completely different feel. The one using browns and creams has a Victorian tiled look, the blues are definitely a Moroccan pool, and the pale greens and purples has a definite formal herb garden look to it.

Beautiful Blue Sky and Bees in Blossom bird baths

The Beautiful Blue Sky bird bath with it's bees, dragonflies and butterflies, and the Bees in Blossom are both back in stock too. Both are like scenes of spring and summer reflecting in the water surface

Blue Bubble Sheep mosaic bird bath

The Blue Bubble Sheep design is back too.

Gypsy Rainbow mosaic bird bath

And finally a new colour palette for the Gypsy design and we've got the Gypsy Rainbow which has lovely soft, muted browns and greens working out to richer jade greens and a very deep sapphire blue border. A great design to add that splash of colour in the garden.

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