Thursday, 5 April 2012

More daisies! (And some anemones too.)

Daisy and Anemone Flower Loom Embellishments

Bunched daisies could be used on a hat, bag, cushion....
I've been considering selling these loom flowers for a while now. My Folksy shop has been leaning towards garden items, and I think these can fit in with that theme, so I've listed them.

I was experimenting with colour combinations and I realised that the best ones are the true colours you find together in nature. So I've got a selection of Anemone and Daisies. (I still can't get away from Daisies. I'll have a whole field of them in various forms in my shop soon.)

I've also decided, as I'm not the greatest at sewing, that I'll just add them to the Folksy Supplies section as embellishements and let people decide for themselves how to use them. I might come up with some items using them as decoration at a later date. I need to drag out the sewing machine and have a refresher session before that though. I'm sure that sewing machine doesn't like me. This might not be pretty.


  1. Wow your creations are so beautiful! I hope you sell these as I trust someone will adore them. Lovely blog you have here! x

  2. these are fab! :)

    i love the colours- you're so right about colour combinations that are found in nature working best