Friday, 26 October 2012

NEW Free Bird and Bee Seeds

Free Birds and Bees Seeds
I am amending my bird baths, and bee log homes to show that they now come with a free packet of seeds. All with complete sowing and growing instructions.(U.K. purchases from my website and Folksy shop only, I'm afraid. The international laws on posting seeds are a bit too complicated.)

With any Bird Bath purchase there will be a free pack of 3 Dwarf Sunflower seeds (chosen to suit any size garden, and they're good for bees too, the actual variety may change with availability). The flowers are chosen produce lots of seeds that you can leave on the plants for the birds to pick off, or you can harvest the seeds and put them in a feeder, or on a bird table.

And with every Bee Log House there will be a free pack of 10 Thyme seeds. The flowers are fantastic magnets for bees, and of course the leaves are very useful for us. It's the plant that gives and gives.

If you take advantage of my Birds and Bees offer you'll get a free pack of both types of seeds. If you're buying a bird bath, or bee home as a gift you could keep the seeds as a treat for yourself, or pass them on as an extra bit of the gift.

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