Saturday, 20 October 2012

Blue Ammonite Mini Mosaic Bird Bath

Blue Ammonite Mini Mosaic Bird Bath

This is another smaller sized bird bath. I had already designed a 25cm version of a stylised ammonite fossil bed. This is a 19cm bird bath with a single blue ammonite design in the centre. The tile colours used in the ammonite are shades of blue and turquoise, including translucent dark turquoise, and a sapphire blue iridescent tiles. The surrounding tiles are a light stone grey which gives the impression of the rock of a fossil bed.

Ammonite Fossil Bed Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

25cm Ammonite Bird Bath
The larger 25cm bird bath has more ammonites showing and partially showing through the grey rock bed, made with mid grey tiles. These ammonites are in shades of green, and grey blue, and also include translucent and iridescent tiles to add interest and depth the the design.

Both bird baths qualify for the Birds and Bees Deal discount.

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