Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Butterfly Compass Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Butterfly Compass Bird Bath 

Butterfly Compass Bird Bath
Another new bird bath design. I've had the idea to make a compass in a bird bath for a while. I'd also made a bird bath recently using the mini butterflies. It suddenly came to me that they could be fluttering in between the compass points to make up the design. So the Butterfly Compass Bird Bath took shape.

I've used some plain colour and some iridescent tiles to make the butterflies. The iridescent tiles add such interest to the mosaic with their shiny metallic colours. This bird bath is a great ornament for a garden, plus it's practical for the birds, plus it would be handy for a gardener as the compass points when set up to face their true directions could be used to help place plants where they'll like it best, with more sun, more shade etc. What could be a better gift for a wildlife loving gardener?

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  1. Gorgeous as ever. Top of my wish list. :o) Love the iridescent butterflies