Monday, 5 January 2015

Roses Mosaic Bird Bath

Pink Roses Mosaic Garden Bird Bath
After making a hanging heart with this new design on, I thought it would work well in a bird bath too. And it did. A few people are saying this design has a Mackintosh feel about it. I think that's the black grout I've used this time because the tiles are quite pale in colour so would get a bit lost in the usual grey I use. So, after the heart and bird bath in pink roses, I think I can feel a different colour version coming next. I love the new year. I think it's when the Xmas rush of making lots of current designs is over, and I finally get a chance to think straight, then all the new ideas I had half thought out when I was in a making frenzy come flooding out. Follow me over on Facebook to see these new ideas taking shape and get notification when they are added to my website too.

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