Friday, 28 December 2012

Folksy Friday - Crafty Cushions

That's it then, the end of 2012. I hope yours has been a good one. It's also the end of a whole year of doing Folksy Fridays for me. I was trying to work out how many Folksy shops I might have featured in that time. I always feature between 9 and 12 shops each time. If I round that to 10, and take into account I might have doubled up shops in that time (I know I've done it a few times, but I do try and feature new shops each time, if I can), that's around 500 (nice round number) shops, and 500 lovely crafters/designers that have helped make these Folksy Friday blog posts. It's a pleasure doing them because there are so many great things to choose from, and I do love a good browse when I'm shopping online, so Folksy Fridays are an extension of that.

Anyway, after a year of pretend shopping (I wish I could buy the lot) online, I think I need a rest for a bit. So I thought for this last 2012 Folksy Friday I'd surround myself with some gorgeous comfy cushions. As I've tried to do in all my Folksy Fridays, I've picked a selection that have a design made from a craft. So there's handprinting, knitting, embroidery, patchwork, weaving, and applique all here. I love all of these, and I'd be happy to plonk myself down in the middle of them all.

So, for the final time this year, click on the pic to visit the shop and see more pictures and details -

Art Deco Rose Print Cushion
Lulu and Luca
Clementini Knitted Cushion Kit
Hand Printed Orange Feather Cushion

Hand Printed Butterfly Cushion
Woad Butterfly
The Ocean - Activity Cushion
Patchwork Playground
Romani Embroidered Cushion

Tweed Basketweave Cushion
Clever Elsie
Cushion 008
Gilla's Treasures
Red Cat by the Sea Cushion
Karen Lloyd Textiles

Octopus Cushion
Gonk Cushion
Mama Bea Makes
Patchwork Cushion
Sew Happy

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