Thursday, 3 May 2012

Mosaic Garden Hanging Decorations

Going back to my roots with these three items. The very first handmade things I sold online were a set of hanging garden mosaic decorations. I had the idea to try and come up with something a bit different for the garden because I could never find any garden ornaments that I liked for myself in the garden centres, or on the high street. That then led on to me setting up my handmade shops and website for selling the garden items I created.

The first hanging decoration I've listed is the Turquoise Blue Double Mosaic, which has a beaded join meaning both decorations can turn independently. It's tiled on all sides so it can be hung to be viewed from all angles. This one could be used as a suncatcher too as it's got squares of mirror in that catch the light and throw it around the garden as the decoration turns in the breeze.

The idea of the design on the Amethyst Dragonfly Mosaic Garden Decoration was to have dragonflies looking like they were flitting around as the ornament turned around. It's got the same design on both sides of 2 dragonflies with their misty grey iridescent wings, and slightly raised (which gives a slight 3D effect) shiny black bodies. The background tiles are two shades of dark plum / amethyst / violet purple tiles.

On both decorations the tiles on the sides have had their edges left ungrouted so it creates a border for the face tiles and when the light shines through the edges you get a lovely effect of the tiles lighting up like opalescent stained glass.

The last of the hanging decorations I've called Tutti Fruiti because of the fruity, bright orange and red tiles used. This one also has mirror used so it could be used as a suncatcher to cast dots of reflected light around the garden. The other colours used are pastels and white, and the hanging filament has been beaded with complimentary colours. All these decorations can be left out in the garden all year so are great for adding colour and interest all year round.

All these hanging decorations can be found in the Garden Pots & Decor section of my website.

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  1. These are lovely. the dragon fly one is my favourite.

    Donna x