Friday, 19 April 2013

Folksy Handmade - Morocco

Blue Splash Mosaic Bird Bath

Inspired by this bird bath design, I've gone to Morocco and the Middle East for this Folksy Friday. Working in mosaic I sometimes end up with a look from this area when I use certain colours, or shapes of tiles in a certain pattern. And this style comes out in other crafts, when these patterns and colours are used too. The home decor would look great used together to make a fab exotic room, and if you wore the jewellery together that would make a fab look too.

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Domed Bronze Pendant
Johnny the Scavenger
Blue Painted Moroccan Door 10x8
Eyeshoot Photography
Throw Large
Moggles Makes

Arabian Nights Cross Stitch PDF
The Endless Knot
Antique Bronze Clay Necklace
Serving Dish Bowl
Caractacus Pots

Two Bowl with Mottled Blue Glaze
Handpainted Moroccan Style Vase
Moroccan Moon
The Moody Mouse

Purple & Cream Moroccan Cushion
Vintage Geometric Cushion Cover
Retro Sixty Eight
Moroccan Tile Screen Print Fabric
Helen Rawlinson

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