Monday, 25 July 2011

Pinterest. Interesting.

Featured on the Waves Board

Having been pointed in the direction of Pinterest I thought I'd give it a go. Basically it's a site which you make online pinboards on. You could collect inspiration pictures to give you ideas for new makes. If you're redecorating you can pin colour combination ideas, and furniture pieces that might match. You could pin a gift idea list. There's loads of uses.

As I am endlessly fascinated by colour and pattern combinations I find it really interesting to put items together as a group to give a feeling, or mood. I've only had time to create a few boards so far, but I've created a couple of themed handmade boards from the items available for sale on Folksy.

Featured on the Moroccan Mood board

 For a bit of middle eastern style - Folksy Morrocan Mood

And as it's holiday season - Folksy Waves

I can feel a series of these boards coming on. More to follow. Probably.

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