Sunday, 10 July 2011

Exploring colour combinations.

I've just listed this bird bath. I've used this pattern before, but with different colour tiles. This is a really good example of different colour combinations creating a completely feel to each one. This new one has a really calm feel. The complimentary colours in cool shades help create that.

On this bird bath I have used tiles that are slightly clashing. The whole effect reminds me of a Victorian tiled floor. I think it's the dark plum colour mixed with the shades of brown, cream, and terracotta, that give that vintage effect and feel.

This last one is the same pattern as the other two, but this time the colours are deliberately picked to give a Moroccan feel to the bird bath. So there's a lot of deep blue used. Some of the blue tiles have a copper streak in them. The edge of the saucer has a copper, handpainted border to pick up on the tile streak. The other tile colours are complimenting the terracotta base, creating an aged feel.

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