Friday, 2 September 2011

Latest Ripple Bird Bath

I've used a slightly more muted set of colours on this Ripple Bird Bath, and it's come out really well. It looks like the colours are slightly sun-bleached. Which, of course, will never happen, as the beauty of these glass mosaic tiles is they are fade-resistant. So this faded-effect will stay at this shade even in bright sunshine. Perfect.

The stone I've used in this bath is slightly larger than I've used previously too, but I think the scale of it fits the large size (31cm) saucer that I've used.

I was thinking about making a matching base, but I'll leave that to the purchaser to decide if they want to use it as a floor standing bird bath, or if they want to use a plain pot as a pedestal, or they want a matching 'Ripple' coloured pedestal.

Although I repeat this Ripple pattern a lot in my items, each one is completely unique. I start with a blank palette everytime and build it up as I go. Each design will be using slightly different colours, in a different order, so no two Ripple Bird Baths will be the same. The beauty of handmade.


  1. I love the clean lines of your blog. I have just favourited one of your bird baths!

  2. Thank you, Mrs Jones. I've recently restyled my blog to be less fussy, so I'm glad you like the new look. :)