Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fiesta Ripples Mosaic Mirror

I have been experimenting again with building up my own tile colours, and I came up with a colour range that has made a great new colour version for my Ripple Mirror collection.

I've called this one Fiesta Ripples. There are shades of red, tangerine, magenta, and purple with copper, and gold metallics embellishing them. The copper colour is also the main background colour that's over-painted the bare wood in the centre of the two mosaic fans.

When I put this latest mirror next to my Shades of Blue and Green version, I realised these mirrors would look great as a set of four, with the quarter fans making up a whole mosaic circle. So, I've mocked up a picture of the two versions so far and how they would look hanging in a set.

That then got me experimenting with different ways of hanging the mirrors and I came up with these patterns, using the set of four, too -

If you are interested in a set of four, or a pair which would give a nice half circle effect, contact me on jo@josara.co.uk and I will be able give you a quote, which would include a combined postage saving.


  1. I love them placed to give the ripple/swirl effect!

  2. I agree, the ripple effect is very relaxing for some reason!