Friday, 28 October 2011

Folksy Handmade Christmas - Folk Style

Folk Style Red & White Bauble

As I've been re-inspired to make some more Christmas decorations, I've also been inspired to find other similar themed decorations on to put together on a Pinterest board.

I will be putting 4 boards together, and this is the first one.

This is my collection of decorations ideas for a Swedish folk style Christmas -



  1. A lovely theme and a novel way of doing it.

  2. lovely post & thank you so much for including my 'christmas dove' card in your festive collection! han x

  3. Thanks, Linda. I wish I could do the blogs like yours with the pictures included, but it's so time consuming. I am in awe of you doing that daily on your blog.

    No problems Han. Your card was just what I was after.

    Jo :)